Looks like Someone’s got a case of the Mondays


Do you know someone who is ecstatic about the work they do?

If you do, ask them exactly WHY they are so excited to go out and earn a living everyday.

In a 2013 Gallup Poll, nearly 52% of Americans reported they were not particularly excited about their job. They are present. They are earning a living, but they have a perpetual case of the ‘Mondays’

How would you feel knowing the surgeon who is scheduled to operate on you is less than enthusiastic about his career, or the lawyer who is handling your case often takes mental vacations instead of focusing on your needs? Could your dinner be served by a chef with little interest in his presentation anymore or maybe you are sitting in a classroom taught by a teacher who really wishes (s)he were anywhere else.

It’s pathetic. But what’s more pathetic is the choice to stay in that position because it is all you know or even because the money is good. Face it, many people begin a profession with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose, but over time, everything from feeling undervalued, overworked and expendable while tackling more paperwork and red tape just to do what you know is best erodes the spirit and the same joy you may have once felt is now just another day in a JOB.

Sometimes it does not even take much time to realize the field that you chose, perhaps because the money looked enticing or the challenges looked inviting was anything but that once you began to work in it.

The grass is always greener syndrome is often the component of many careers.

So, if you stay because this is all you know, you are shortchanging the amazing opportunities we have as human beings to re-invent, re-create and re-imagine ourselves. A dog is a dog is a dog, but a human being can be many things in his or her lifetime.

Staying in a job because it is all you know is an excuse for not wanting to be responsible for your own future.

Staying in a job that has lost it’s ability to help you thrive or inspire you is just an excuse for not wanting to work harder for something you really love.

So what do you do if you are one of those people who counts the hours to the weekend as soon as you shut of your alarm on Monday morning?

GET ENGAGED…Yes, ENGAGED. No, not the diamond ring kind of engagment, but definitely the “I DO” kind of engagement.

“I do want to enjoy how I earn my living.”
“I do want to feel appreciated and valued.”
“I do want to change to direction I am headed.”
“I do want to make this year the one where everything changes.”

It’s not going to happen overnight, BUT, It’s not going to happen at all if all you are doing is complaining, commiserating and retreating back into your box to start all over again the next week.

In a few short weeks, people will begin making resolutions for the new year. Were you one of those people who promised themselves by this time last year you would be doing something different but then LIFE got in the way and well, here you are…still digging yourself out of what seems like a big career hole that is sucking you down more each day.


Decide today to make some plans about what you want for the future.

Move toward picking up the phone or emailing someone who can mentor you or help you get your ducks in line to make some changes. This might be a support group, a coach, a teacher, a mentor but start to connect with those people who can help you move ahead.

Change direction. Get a 2014 Calendar and on it mark the date when YOU will send that letter that says you are no longer going to work at something that you have stopped loving long ago. Maybe that date will be later than sooner, but if you don’t know when you want that date to be, you are hardly going to start working to plan your big event.

So let’s start planning your next move. Got a date in mind and some ideas you are courting that you might want to commit to which will change your life?

I’d love to help you plan your ENGAGEMENT party, the party where you will make a commitment to changing your life by the choices and actions you take to get you to the BIG DAY.

and What’s your BIG DAY…the day when you tell others why YOU love to do the work you do everyday.

You can, you know. You can leave that JOB behind for a LIFE and a CAREER with PURPOSE. I can show you how, but YOU have to make the commitment and
you have to get engaged.

Kathy is a speaker and coach who is dedicated to helping burned out individuals find their “encore” preneur spirit and get fired up doing what they love to do.
CONTACT KATHY if you want her to help you GET ENGAGED.

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