Ways to Drop Hints at Gifts You Want This Holiday Season

The Holiday season will be here before you know it. This is the time of year where people invest a little time and effort into buying gifts for those around them. Unfortunately, we do not always get the gifts that we truly desire. The problem, however, may not be with the gift giver, but with the fact that you could be neglecting to let them know exactly what you want. It can seem impolite to simply ask for what you want, but there are subtle ways to drop hints about what you want. Here are some ideas to help you point your friends and family in the direction of gifts you will truly enjoy.


Commercials can be quite annoying at times with children asking for everything they see, but they can also be very helpful. When watching television with friends and family, make honest remarks about the items being advertised. If you like something, even if someone else remarks that they do not like it, be honest and let them know that you like the item. It is easier to follow the crowd, but if you really like an item, it is best to simply be honest and let them know. Do the same thing when you do not like something.

Getting it For Someone Else

The trick to subtly is to not allow the other people to know exactly what you are doing. We all have different sectors of friends that do not know one another. This can work to your advantage. Say that you got the gift for someone else because you liked it. It is a small little lie that will never really hurt anyone and you can plant that seed in the head of your friend or family member. You can also do this with your significant other but in a different manner. State that you admired Swiss & Garmin watch that your friend had provided that the two of you have different friends.

Circle Things in Catalogues

It can be a bit old-fashioned to have catalogs around the home, but during the holidays, they can be a huge help in showing people what you want. It might not seem quite so subtle, but take a page from the children in your life. Circle what you want. Those that come to visit can pick up the catalog while they are waiting for your to get ready to go out and will ultimately see what is circled within.

Subtlety has its place and when you are a bit worried that your friend will get you the same old go to gift they do every year, it is essential. There are a number of gifts that are standard fair that we have all been given. We smile and say thank you, but the present tends to be put away and later discarded. A thoughtfully placed subtle hint will get you far in the gifts you are given, so never be afraid to try a few of these out for yourself. You will not regret it.


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