We Ask Dave Conklin How AI Will Effect Digital Companies as its Abilities Grow

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting innovations waiting ahead of us. It’s going to completely change the way we do business. But if you’re not ready for it, you could very well find your company wiped out.

A scary thought, right?

Well, marketing and business guru Dave Conklin says that this doesn’t have to be your fate. He’s already preparing his company https://conklinmedia.com/ in anticipation of these changes.

So how exactly is AI going to impact digital companies as it begins to take hold?

When is the Change Coming?

The global enterprise software industry is expected to be worth $39 billion by the year 2025, which means that it will achieve almost total domination.

However, the big changes aren’t expected to arrive for another decade, according to Dave. So you have time to adjust. The revolution is going to be slow and you’re going to have time to adjust and adapt.

So what are companies doing about it?

Google – A Case Study

Dave says that the best place to look is at Google. Artificial intelligence is already changing the way they do business. Look how SEO has changed over the years. AI means that results are better managed and can be organized according to the way Google pleases.

Blackhat SEO techniques are no longer relevant, and it’s largely down to AI taking control of Google’s main business.

But Google also recognizes that it has to be a pioneer if it’s going to survive the future. Whether it’s Google Nest for smart homes or smart cars, they’re already seeing how they can implement AI in their business.

And you should be doing the same.

Is Your Industry Ripe for Disruption?

Dave also says that you need to act based on the industry you’re in. Some industries are more likely to be disrupted than others.

Let’s take a look at healthcare. The FDA predicts that AI will prevent thousands of deaths caused by bad reactions to certain drugs.

Marketing is another industry that’s expected to be disrupted as automation tools rely almost solely on artificial intelligence.

Other industries, Dave says, that are vulnerable include lifestyle, finance, and transportation.

Be ready.

Know Where You Stand

Dave says that the best way to prepare for AI is to do two things. Look at how AI can be implemented in your company. Think outside the box and figure out which aspects of it could improve your business. Don’t wait to start experimenting with them.

The second point is to watch what your competitors are doing. What they do should influence what you do. They might have spotted something you’ve missed.

The idea is to stay informed.

Last Word – AI is on the Way…But Don’t Be Scared

Some businesses fear that AI is about to wipe them out. But intelligent business owners see only opportunity. The growth of AI is a warning.

Fail to heed that warning at your peril. With most companies operating in the digital world now, AI is for everyone.

How are you preparing for the coming of AI?


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