What To Wear: 5 Winter Work Outfits

Do you work in an office? Working in a professional environment every day means looking professional as well in all kinds of weather. When the temperatures start to drop, it’s hard to look cute when all you feel is like wearing a big jumper and jogging trousers. From your shoes to your jacket, you need to stay warm and cozy while also looking sophisticated and feminine… but how?

With just a few key items you can make your wardrobe functional and warm in winter and still stay trendy and professional. Some trendy items that have versatile functions and a high level of comfort and warmth include: blanket scarves, thermal tights, tall leather boots, cashmere anything, jumper dresses, and some well-fitting basics for layering underneath. Once you’ve got these essential items, you’re ready to start mixing and matching your outfits for a professional look that is cozy and warm.

Check out these 5 winter work outfits for the office that you will love wearing for warmth, comfort and style:

Outfit #1: A jumper dress, opaque tights and tall boots.


Jumper dresses are the best invention ever, and they are popular this winter—thank goodness! It’s a big cozy jumper after all, and you don’t even have to wear trousers! Hello total comfort! With a pair of soft, thermal tights and tall leather boots, you’ll look super trendy. Add a scarf for even more style, or a long necklace!

Outfit #2: Wide leg trousers, a cashmere jumper and ankle boots.


Wide leg trousers are back, and you’ll be seeing more of them in the shops and on the streets in the coming seasons. Get a jump on the competition by getting yours now. A great pair of wide leg trousers, possibly with a high waist, paired with a soft cashmere jumper will look sophisticated, and no one will suspect that you chose this outfit based on comfort! With a pair of high heeled boots, this outfit will turn heads at that boring afternoon meeting.

Outfit #3: A fitted T-shirt under a poncho, skinny trousers and ankle boots.


Ponchos and oversized cardigans are the item of the season this year, and they look great with a pair of skinny trousers or jeans, depending on your work’s dress code. You can wear a simple, fitted long-sleeved t-shirt under the poncho. You can’t get much more casual than that, but it won’t look that way.  Paired with either ankle boots or tall boots, you can’t go wrong.

Outfit #4: A maxi skirt with leggings underneath, a fitted shirt, and a blanket scarf.

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Maxi skirts aren’t just for summer—you can get a great winter look by layering up. Wear some tights or leggings underneath for warmth, and your fitted, long-sleeved t-shirt again, tucked into the skirt. Pair with a wide belt and a blanket scarf for an outfit you didn’t even know you had in your closet. Tall boots will also help with warmth, and when it comes to stylish office wear, Clarks boots for women are known as the most comfortable quality designer tall boots.

Outfit #5: A baggy tunic with leggings, tall boots and a scarf.


This is one of those looks that I always see other people wearing and feel jealous because they look so cool yet I know they have the comfort level of pyjamas! A baggy knit tunic with long sleeves or ¾ sleeves will look great with thick leggings or tights and tall boots. Add a scarf and a long pendant necklace and you are good to go!

While you can probably think of several variations on these outfits, the basic concept is the same: soft, warm fabrics, loose cuts, elastic waistbands, layering, and a good pair of ankle boots or tall boots to keep your feet warm and dry in bad weather. Of course don’t forget the importance of having a great quality winter coat, like a wool pea coat or a leather coat., and avoid ski jackets and puffer coats as this won’t go with your professional look. Looking great at the office during winter is no easy task, but take our advice and you’ll be looking and feeling amazing!


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