Wearable Safety Devices For Kids

Of course, all parents want to keep their kids safe. What is not so easy to agree on, is how to accomplish the task. We know that there are different parenting styles, and some that we may not fully accept, such as free-range parenting. However, with all the strong opinions aside, it is our children’s safety that we all seek.

So, what if we could give our kids a bit more freedom to venture out alone while maintaining our peace of mind? Wearable technology with GPS capabilities may help pave the way as an innovative approach to help protect our children not in our immediate presence.

Freedom to Roam

A wearable tracking device allows children to roam freely while giving parents the peace of mind of knowing where they are. To help you decide which device is best for you, begin by thinking about what features are most important to you.

Kid’s tracking devices have a combination of features, functionality and usability levels. There are GPS enabled devices, devices that will track your child without GPS capabilities, and GPS enabled devices with two-way calling. Prices vary as the technology increases.

Top Wearable Safety Devices

wearable safety devices

  1. Trax

Trax Personal GPS Tracker is one of the most expensive wearable safety devices on the market. It is water resistant, durable, and weather proof. Slip it into your child’s pocket, or clip it on their clothing or backpack. It can also be worn as a lanyard.

Parents can set geo-fences or predetermined boundaries and safe zones that alert parents if their child goes in and out of these fences. There are no size limits to the Trax geo-fences and you can set up as many of them as you like.

Multiple devices can be managed through one app, making it a great option if you have multiple children. Take Trax with you while traveling as it can be used in 33 countries. A monthly subscription through a cellular service is required for all GPS tracking devices. The battery life is approximately one day.

wearable safety devices

  1. HereO

Wi-Fi technology is used to enable the GPS on the HereO. It is a kid-friendly, stylish watch that kids will want to wear. Parents receive immediate updates on their child’s current locations and they can set geo-fence zones or boundaries and safe zones. The design is lightweight, water resistant, and has an additional lock that can be used to be sure a child can’t take it off.

Through the app, alerts can be set up to give you information on battery life and if your child is entering or leaving an established safe zone.

The app also sends out an alarm and child’s location to all family members if the panic button on the watch is pressed or when the watch is removed. HereO can be used in over 120 countries, making it ideal for families that travel extensively. Battery life is about 48 hours and a service plan is required, with the first three months being covered with purchase.

wearable safety devices

  1. Tinitell

Tinitell is a GPS locator and a wrist phone that uses Bluetooth technology and cellular service to stay in touch with your child. It is weather resistant and waterproof. An app must be downloaded to a smart phone, and a monthly service plan is required.

There is an unlimited amount of numbers that can be added and stored in the memory of the Tinitell. With the touch of a single button, the voice recognition software allows the child to simply say the name of the person they want to call. The built-in GPS gives parents and caregivers the location of their child.

wearable safety devices

  1. My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag uses Bluetooth technology and an Android or iOS app to help you keep your child safe. The tag is a small disk that can be worn as a wristband or looped through a shoelace. Toss it in your child’s pocket or backpack.

The app can manage multiple tags and it allows parents to set distance limits for their child. An alarm goes off on the parent’s smart phone when the boundary is broken. The device’s range is about 120 feet. The coolest feature is The Last Seen Location that will send an email with the time, date, and map location when a child leaves a predetermined boundary.

When the child presses the panic button, an alarm is sent to a caregiver’s smart phone. The Buddy Tag is water proof, and can help prevent accidental drowning with a great feature that sends an alert to a smart phone if the tag is underwater for at least ten seconds or more.

wearable safety devices

  1. Mommy I’m Here

Mommy I’m Here is one of the simplest and least expensive child locators on the market. Although it does not have GPS capabilities, it uses a keychain transmitter to send an alarm to a wearable, water resistant teddy bear. It is a great for a crowd of people or on a playground. If a child wanders too far or they are out of your sight, then you can push a button that emits an 86-decible alarm to the bear. The transmitter works in a range of approximately 150 feet for the locator to work.

As parents, we all have our own opinions on how best to keep our children safe. There is no right or wrong parenting philosophy. We try to do what is best for our children. If you need your child to wear a tracking device to give you peace of mind over their safety; then do it! Personally, I prefer these to seeing a child strapped to a leash.


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