Wearing the BIG Hat: Tapping into Your True Role as CEO


If you’ve been dragging your feet through the muddy water you know what it feels like to want to give up on your dream, but chances are — your dream isn’t the probably.  It’s your mindset.  You see, up until the day of your starry-eyed launch you most likely wore one of two hats — employee or manager.

You worked in the trenches making sure tasks were completed according to deadline and manned the troops.  Each day, you were the driving force behind another CEOs vision and went where duty called.

Now you’re the one with a vision and your role in pushing that vision has drastically changed whether you’ve realized that or not.  Doing all the grunt work — admirable as it may be —is no longer your primary role.  You have to embrace a new mindset…one that puts you at the front of the ship — ready to lead your mission, vision and passion to the finish line.

Here are 6 key functions you need to embrace in order to step into your true role as CEO:

  1. The Strategist – You are responsible for setting the future direction of your company and creating a plan for how to get there.
  2. The Ambassador – You are the connector — reaching out to others on a human level and building relationships.
  3. The Inventor – You are the creator of new products, ideas and solutions for both your company and customers.
  4. The Coach – Your experience is a gift, share it freely with your team and with your industry as a whole.
  5. The Investor – You hold your company’s financial value in your hands — use your power wisely.
  6. The Student – As an expert, you must stay on top of new trends and developments in your industry so continual education is important.

Notice that you’re role doesn’t include being the best darn WordPress guru around — unless that is your business mission.  You shouldn’t spend your day watching your email with a hawk-like intensity either.  These are not the tasks of a thought leader, a mission captain or CEO who wants to leave a mark on the world.  Step back from the daily hustle and you’ll discover a bigger picture with far more opportunities and pathways to your goal than you ever imagined.

Now get out there and make the big, bold moves of a true CEO.

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