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This one goes out to Beebe Love, who made this comment in the Technoeve discussion forum:

Hello everyone! I am kind of techno but I am more of a Jill of all trades and a master of none LOL. So I am trying to learn Social Media and how it can improve my website presence and bring more traffic to my sites and I am told that I need to blog more so I need to improve my content. My biggest problem is that I am doing several things at once and don’t want to appear as a crazy person.  I am looking for any and all help that you can give me and anything that I learn along the way I want to share with you.  I will be attending a class on social media on Monday 9-5 and I am so excited about it. I think that is enough for now.

Reading her comment, COLIBRI couldn’t help but think, Beebe is not alone. There are many business owners who have a similar set of questions.

Beebe wants to:

  • Learn about social media
  • Improve her web presence
  • Bring more traffic to her sites and
  • Blog effectively

The fact that she’s taking a full day class on social media will probably go a long way towards helping her meet her goals. COLIBRI will add a few tips and thoughts that she hopes will help answers Beebe’s questions.

Also, one great thing about social media, web presence, traffic and blogging is that they all work together to achieve similar goals, which are:

  • Building a brand
  • Getting your name out
  • Creating a coherent web presence
  • Becoming a resource in your field
  • Getting to know other people and their work
  • Increasing your skill and expertise as a community member and leader and
  • Makin’ money, honey!

Social Media

Social media works best with focus and consistency. This means, figure out who your target markets are and where they are online.

In practice:

  • Make guesses about your target market (for me, it’s single mompreneurs in their 40s) and then use data to refine your guesses.
  • Use Facebook Insights and other built-in analytics tools on platforms you use, such as Buffer or Bitly, to start getting an idea about which your posts, links and other online content are most popular.
  • Refine your target and start actively trying to provide content aimed toward you target.
  • Keep watching your analytics to see if you are headed in the right direction.

Success keys

Create a schedule and a system for yourself so you can stay consistently present, for example:

  • 1 post per week per blog
  • 2 Facebook status updates
  • 1 LinkedIn comment
  • 4 tweets per day

Set a time each day to make intelligent comments on other people’s work and contributions, even if it’s only 15 minutes.

You will refine your mix as you go. The important thing is to get started.

Improved Web Presence

The great thing is that your web presence improves through the careful use of social media, so if you follow the tips above, you are already on your way.

Make sure that your website:

  • Contains fresh content
  • Is free of typos and formatting errors
  • Is easy to read
  • Loads quickly

Social Profiles

Make sure you are presenting a consistent image and message across profiles. Use a recent head shot of yourself (not a plant or a photo of your children). Distill your message and use the same message across sites.

Bring Traffic To Your Site

The best ways to bring traffic to your site is to have a decent SEO in place and to guest post and comment.

To get started with SEO, read this Beginners Guide by SEOmoz.

To get started guest blogging, read this by Project Eve’s Jessie Spielvogel. She has some great resources to share.

Effective Blogging

As you put the above tips into practice, you will also be building a body of content online. The more content you have on sites you own, the more optimized for search you will be. Of course, this won’t happen on its own.

You need to make your site search engine friendly (see above), create great content on your blog and have a guest posting program that will include posting on other people’s sites and inviting people to post on yours (see above).

COLIBRI cannot emphasize enough the importance of creating a schedule.

Schedules Are Power

Even for the free-spirited among us, creating schedules helps get things done. This is especially true for things that are easy to procrastinate, such as writing and marketing (the two most important activities you can be doing as you build your business!).

So sit down, have a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice), and plan weekly time for writing, reading and commenting. COLIBRI guarantees this will help your productivity.

Beebe Love, COLIBRI Hopes This Helps

What are some easy tips for creating a polished, effective and well-trafficked web presence you can contribute to help Beebe — and every Eve — be the most she can be online and off?

Anna is a Contributing Editor at Project Eve as well as a solopreneur and the founder of ANNACOLIBRI, an e-business specializing in values-based marketing, online publishing and web-presence. She knows and loves writing about content marketing (with an emphasis on values-based marketing), web presence, solopreneurship, alternative healthcare, spirituality/yoga, (single) parenting and topics related to older adults. Community building is also an important to her; she is a founding member of the San Francisco Eves. She believes some of her best ideas grow out of offline conversations. If you have story ideas or tips, please e-mail her at: [email protected] You can also follow her on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/annacolibri


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