Website Redesign and Effective Inbound Marketing

Website Redesign and Effective Inbound Marketing

A recurring theme for businesses today is, “we have a website, but we don’t like it” or maybe they do like the website, but it’s not capturing the leads and generating the business that they’d like. Here is where website redesign comes in. Some might be tempted to tell these folks they need an entirely new website (which is occasionally the case), but a refresh might be all they need.

A website is like a car. You don’t need a whole new car when your change oil light comes on, but your car does need regular maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, and occasionally bigger ticket items like new tires) to run at its best. To get your website running at its best (read: capturing more leads and driving revenue), here are a few things to consider:

Strategy and the Big Picture: Make an Assessment

Effective Inbound Marketing

First, remember what your goals were for your website, and consider whether those have changed over time. Do you want to capture leads? Connect with customers? Showcase merchandise? Provide information about specific areas? Now take a look at your website. Do your content and design work toward these goals? Your website includes a variety of pages that create a holistic image of your business and work in tandem to meet your goals. Revisit each page and determine whether it is serving its purpose and what may need to change.

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Design Elements

Your website includes several elements that might need a refresh. Some good areas to revisit include:

– general layout and architecture
– calls-to-action
– landing pages
– offers (including content like eBooks and white papers)
– website copy (think SEO)

Consider whether your site is attractive, easily navigable and user friendly. If people can’t find what they’re looking for relatively quickly, they’ll leave your site. Make it easy for them to find what they need, whether that be information on your company, a customer service number, or product specifications.

Calls-to-action (CTA) and landing pages are key to your business capturing leads and turning them into customers. Check that CTAs and landing pages are visually attractive, an appropriate length and targeting prospects at different stages in the buying cycle. If you only have CTAs for prospects looking for general information, you might add in offers for those looking to make a purchase. Landing pages should complement the CTAs, like salt and pepper. Prospects appreciate simple and direct written content with attractive graphics. Don’t confuse them, but don’t bore them either.

At the end of the day, you want people to find your website. Search engine optimization gets your site and pages higher in search results. Evaluating copy for appropriate keywords, and your site for other SEO opportunities, every few months ensures that your site doesn’t get buried at the bottom of search engine results pages. This means prospects can find you and engage in a relationship.

Lastly, make sure your site works for you and your employees. Integration with sister systems, such as your CRM, is important to getting the most from your site without wasting valuable time and effort.

Effective Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is not a static being. It is highly dynamic, so maintenance is a great friend to your site. Just in the last few months, areas such as social and mobile marketing, content marketing, and SEO have experienced great changes. This presents an exciting opportunity for companies to revisit strategies and discover more and better ways to capture and connect with prospects. Assess your website, revisit your content and offers and take another look at your lead nurturing campaigns. Basic maintenance can go a long way in improving your lead capture and customer acquisition rates and keep your site not only a customer and revenue-generating tool, but also a place people enjoy visiting.

About the Author: Katrice Svanda is the Director of Business Development and Founder of Digital Impact Agency, an interactive media and inbound marketing agency.


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