Weekend Camping Checklist For Stress-Free Fun

Family camping in a tent


Weekend camping brings back memories of my childhood. I remember going camping as a kid, and how carefree it all seemed. Of course, everything seemed easier when you were a kid. Have you tried doing a cartwheel or a somersault lately? My family would go on weekend camping trips where we would set up the tent, cook dinner on a small campfire grill, and tell stories by the warm glow of the lantern.


I never felt scared while out camping, but then again, kids aren’t afraid of much. My views on tent camping have indeed changed. I am a bit more leery, and I am not sure if I could do without the comforts of home. I am not talking about TV or computers, but more like a blow dryer and sink with running water. Of course, you can always go RV camping.


Packing for any trip away from home can be overwhelming and stressful. A Weekend Camping Checklist will provide you with peace of mind because you will have everything you need, won’t need to improvise due to forgotten items, and you won’t stress out while packing! And don’t forget; getting there is half the fun.




Weekend Camping Checklist: Kitchen and Food


Non-perishable foods are best such as cereal and granola bars, trail mix, pretzels, canned meats, tuna, crackers, and soup. Peanut butter and jelly and cheese sandwiches are always a hit. You can also bring some bread, eggs, and hotdogs. Don’t forget the water! Be sure to pack chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers so you can make S’mores.


You will need to bring disposable plates, cups, and silverware or a wash bucket and detergent if using the plastic ware. Don’t forget the skillet, a pot, a can opener and a knife. A two-burner propane stove works great for heating, or the campground may offer fire pits or grills for you to use.


Weekend Camping Checklist: Toiletries


Travel size shampoo, conditioner, and soap should be packed, along with towels, combs and brushes, and disposable razors. You will need a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper. Bring along some trash bags, so you can store your waste and dispose of it properly by campground rules. You may also want to bring along a pair of flip flops or shower shoes if the campground offers communal showers.




Weekend Camping Checklist: Clothing


Be sure to pack plenty of socks, underwear, shorts, pants, and t-shirts. You will need a sweatshirt or a jacket, raingear, clothes to sleep in, a bandana and a hat. Pack sneakers, sandals, and hiking shoes. Bring two swimsuits (so you have one to wear while the other dries). Be sure to pack towels and a laundry bag to store the dirty clothes.




Weekend Camping Checklist: Sleeping Items


It seems relatively straightforward to say you will need a tent. If you are camping with your family, a multi-room tent may be best to give yourself a little breathing room, and it may help keep the space quarrels to a minimum. You will need sleeping bags, blankets, sleeping pads to put some cushion between you and the ground, and pillows. You may want to consider an air mattress, and don’t forget the pump.




Weekend Camping Checklist: Family, Kid/Baby Gear


Camping should be an enjoyable experience for everyone in the family. Be sure to pack your child’s favorite toy, book, blanket or stuffed animal to help make them feel secure away from home. Pack an activity bag filled with paper, pens, crayons, board games, books, balls, pails and shovels, magnifying glasses, binoculars, and cards. If you like to fish, bring along fishing rods and an inflatable boat. A First Aid kit is a must have!




Weekend Camping Checklist: Campfire


Make sure you have a cell phone, a phone card or coins for a pay phone. Capture all the memories with a camera, and make sure you have an extra memory card and batteries. Bring a fanny pack or backpack, flashlight with extra batteries, sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. You will need a compass, map or other GPS device, pocket knife, duct tape, rope, radio with extra batteries, lighter or matches, camp chairs and a camp table.


You can have a great weekend camping trip by being prepared. A Weekend Camping Checklist will ensure that your trip will be a healthy, fun, and energetic way to explore the wonders of the great outdoors.


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