Weight Loss After 40 – This Week Was Hard

I just wrapped up week two of Nutrisystem’s Uniquely Yours Lean 13 diet plan. As we all know, losing weight isn’t always easy. There are days that seem to fly by and that are easier to stay on track, and then there are days that are challenging. I had a very tough week this week, but here’s how I made it through.

My week started off strong. I was still enjoying the program food, I didn’t feel hungry between meals, and I was sticking to the plan without much struggle. Then came Thursday – my husband’s birthday. I love birthdays, but I love my husband’s birthday in particular. Typically I make him a special birthday meal and then we all sit down for a fun family dinner. This year he asked for Shepherd’s Pie, Eggplant Parmigiana and Strawberry Shortcake. Yumm, right? Wrong. I was on a diet (insert sad Debbie Downer trombone effect). I felt angst, stress and sadness all at the same time. I wanted to enjoy my husband’s special day and I wanted to be a part of the celebration. I did not want to be that lame person who says “I can’t, I’m on a diet.”

Fresh strawberry cake on plate

Until that point I wasn’t feeling disappointed at all because the Nutrisystem food is delicious and you don’t feel deprived or hungry, there’s lots of versatility and you have the option to select your own meals. Plus you can tailor the menu precisely to your needs with plenty of unlimited fresh and frozen foods. I am so busy with work and my family that I need something super easy and convenient. Nutrisystem’s Lean 13 took the guesswork out of dieting. Most importantly (as I learned this week) the plan includes counseling* and tracking.

Before the birthday dinner, I had been on Nutrisystem for 12-days and had lost around 6.8 pounds! Then the birthday happened and in the end I had chosen to indulge. At first I felt horrible, guilt-ridden and moderately disappointed in myself. I was feeling rough enough that I even considered indulging some more – if you’ve ever dieted, you know this slippery slope!! I needed some help asap.

I went right to the Nutrisystem support page and found a number for counseling. Counseling, AHA! I needed some counsel. I called the number and spoke with Richard, one of Nutrisystem’s expert weight loss counselors / dietitians*, for some encouragement and motivation. Richard was wonderful! He walked me off the cliff and gave me some prudent advice. This is a life-long change. Celebrations are going to happen and when they do, it’s ok to enjoy. But it’s also very important to get back on track once the celebration is over – made sense to me. Don’t get caught in a cycle of depriving yourself, bingeing, slipping into a funk, and repeating until you’ve undone the progress you’ve worked so hard to make. Dieting is hard, especially if the folks around you are not on a diet, i.e. my husband and family. But listen, ONE day of eating – good or bad – isn’t going to make the scale change. It’s about consistency and making sure the good outweighs the bad haha

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I found the counseling to be immeasurably helpful during a pretty challenging time. Richard was kind and thoughtful and graciously said that I was welcome to call back any time to discuss food choices or get a little encouragement. He was a real person giving real encouragement. Kudos to Nutrisystem for totally getting what most diets miss. Kudos to Richard for helping me get back on track!

*Nutrisystem has counselors 7am-midnight EST 7 days a week. Live Support. Now that is what I am talking about.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nutrisystem. The opinions and text are all mine.


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