What do we, as women, deserve?

pretty businesswoman having coffee during seminar breakWe deserve equal treatment as equal people. On the surface, that might seem an obvious statement. The reality though is that women aren’t treated as equal people in many areas of our lives, including paychecks, promotions, and even our personal safety.

Women earn 74 cents to every 100 cents that a man earns. In Jimmy Carter’s book, “A call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power”, President Carter writes of the plight of women throughout the world as being treated as lower class people. Although President Carter does speak of the plight of women throughout the world, he also speaks of the plight of women in the United States, citing violent attacks against women occurring at a rate of 475 women assaulted every day in the United States in the year 2006. Have women gained in our personal safety since 2006? Should we be concerned that a man can shoot to death his girlfriend through a bathroom door and not be convicted of murder? Should we be concerned that women still fall to a different standard than men?
My focus here is that women deserve to be treated as equals to men. That means we deserve the same employment opportunities as men receive, and we deserve the same level of safety and freedom that men receive. President Carter’s book speaks to this need to support women, versus condemning women as objects and possessions that should be controlled and held back from achieving high status jobs, income, and freedom.

As women, we need to realize that we need to take action. Not that our talents are special, but rather all people regardless of gender, skin color, or religious or cultural backgrounds, are uniquely special. This doesn’t mean that any of us deserve an increase in pay and opportunities for advancement without the supporting talents, but we do deserve the same opportunities as men. Our unique talents and contributions to our employers and companies drives what we deserve. Hold your head high, list your contributions, know your worth, step forward and request that your efforts receive the same compensation as the man next to you whose efforts compare to yours. We are not second-class people. We manage our homes, raise our children, support our husbands and often times, even support our parents. We are educated and hold a wide range of experiences. These are the skills, talents, compassion and love, that we bring into the workforce. Women deserve equal opportunities. Keep track of your skills and contributions. Make an appointment to discuss your compensation. Be informed, know what your compensation should be, and take that step forward to equality.

Karli Peterson
PH.D. Professor
Kaplan University’s School of Business

Dr. Karli Peterson is an adjunct professor with Kaplan University School of Business. She has a PHD on organization management with a specialization in leadership. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not represent the view of Kaplan University

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