What Do You Do on LinkedIn Each Week?

After speaking at an event recently where 80% of the room was hardly leveraging LinkedIn at all, I thought I’d share the 10 things I do on LinkedIn each and every week as inspiration for others to do more on this powerful professional networking platform. If you start doing even just a few of these things, I bet you’ll see some new (and welcome) outreach or activity.

  • Update my status on my profile with either my latest blog post, news about a connection or an upcoming speaking engagement I have.
  • Share something worthy that a connection has posted.
  • Review my main stream and Like or Comment on interesting things my network has shared.
  • Review who’s looking at my profile and see if there is anyone I want to connect with on the list. (BTW, no upgrade, had it through a prior job and didn’t real see any real value in it as long as you check it every few days, which I do.)
  • Share an industry-relevant article, blog post or maybe a new service offering on my Bella Domain Media company page.
  • Endorse what I’m comfortable endorsing for direct connections. (Does anyone really endorse people they couldn’t vouch for during a reference request?)
  • Research people or companies I’m interested in or are targeting for future work or collaborations.
  • Follow some new (to me on LinkedIn) thought leaders or Company pages.
  • Check out what’s happening within some of the Groups where I’m most active. (Comment and Like where appropriate.)
  • Grow my network by sending personalized Invitations to Connect to the new people I meet (or like) each week.
  • What do you do on LinkedIn on a regular basis? Please feel free to add your weekly To Dos on LinkedIn as a Comment, so others can learn from you too.  Thanks!

Sandy Jones-Kaminski is the Chief Connecting Officer of Bella Domain Media which produces engaging and share-worthy content for events, social media and integrated marketing that drives new business. She’s also the author of I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???, the #1 pick on the Inc.com 2010 Business Book Wish List. An experienced marketer and business development executive, Sandy often speaks publicly offering webinars, keynotes, workshops and boot camps. As a consultant she advises her clients on ways to leverage LinkedIn to grow their business, polish their personal brand to attract new clients and how to develop an effective online as well as offline professional networking strategy. You can reach her via belladomain.com.

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