What do you offer that makes you stand out?

Whenever we are shopping for something, whether it is a product or service, one of the features we may research is what makes this service or product stand out from all the others. As we approach the day of “resolution”, where we make a resolution for the new year, I’ve been considering what I offer that makes me stand out as a professional.  In today’s busy, high-tech environment, you must stand out and think differently to be successful.  Long gone are the days of ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’ As business owners, you should regularly search for ways to improve and expand.  That doesn’t mean you need to change your 50-year-old secret recipe.  It means you need to focus on customer service, staying up-to-date with technology and specifically social media, and looking for new ways to promote your brand and product.  In short, you need to find ways to stand out among your competitors.  Once you find these ways, shout them from the roof top, so that your clients know what a deal they are getting.

I am presenting to you what I’ve chosen as my top five stand outs.  I provide a service, so my stand outs are personality driven and service oriented.  Your’s might be product driven.  I want to invite you to send me your top five, or better yet, post them as a reply to this blog and let us all sing your praises.

1.  Listen – I listen.  So many people don’t do this simple act.  By listening to clients, I learn what I need to know to help them succeed.  This comes from fact finding, but also in depth discussions that elicit information I will use to help strengthen my relationship with them.  I also learn new service ideas and ways to improve my business.

2.  Ethical – I run my small business ethically and with great compassion and concern for my clients.  I want to see them succeed and I am so rewarded by the thought that perhaps one of my ideas played a small part in helping them.

3.  Committed – I don’t give up when I don’t have an immediate answer.  No one can be an expert in all things, and I welcome the opportunity to research a new industry to help a client succeed.

4.  Dependent – I never want to be the person who says they will do something but never does.  I love when I receive a call and the caller says, “(a mutual contact) suggested I call you.”

5. Connector – I have never been “me” focused. I believe professional success comes from building quality relationships.  I look for ways to help my clients by using my contacts.  If I can’t directly help a client, I will find the right person for the job.

I can’t wait to hear from you.  In the mean time, here is a fantastic article outlining seven ways to make your small business stand out online.




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