What does your organizational chart look like?

I remember my 1st job, going in and looking my organizational structure.  My interest was who my managers’ boss is, who their boss was and what other groups I would interact with.  Organizational charts always led me to saying what do they do?  How did they get there?  Where do they go next?

Ever hear of a company going through an organizational restructure.  What does that mean?  After they were done I just noticed a few names shifted.  Never knew what the exact change was to their role.  Sometimes the titles changed, which made it seem like they created a position.  Chief Scientific Officer, really?

Small businesses may not have the same massive chart that large corporation do.  They do have the same major business components as corporations, at a smaller scale.

Here’s what my current organizational chart:











Currently, I am in the ‘Baby’ phase of my business and responsible for every aspect of my business.  I plan time to nurture all required tasks to grow my business.  This makes my organizational chart very simple with only me!

Think about where you want to be, not where you are today!

Here’s my ideal organizational chart:








I know to have a successful business in its ‘Adulthood’ business owners need to obtain support and delegate.  It’s hard to trust someone with something you’ve put your all into growing, but no one can do it all alone.

Notice there are no names in my chart.  Not only because those positions aren’t available yet, but people will always change.  While people change, the positions remains! 

Business owners must take time to define the support roles they require.  Building a successful support team is the only way to be successful.  Delegating task to your support team will allow you to focus on completing the high level revenue generating activities.

Another part of having a successful team is know what they are doing and how it’s getting done.  All job procedures should be documented in a step by step guide that is easily followed.  I have stated before the benefits of having a business operations manual.  Your support team will have the largest benefit.  As a business owner you will be more confident in your support team, know they are empowered with the skills and tools necessary to execute effectively.


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