What I learned about starting a business from a 10 month old

Many people have considered the idea of starting a business but only some decide to give it a go. Why? Well, for one thing, starting up a business is a pretty scary prospect. In many cases you are effectively giving up a well paid, regular income that helps cover you for all life’s surprises (as well as your monthly bills of course). To embark on the journey of a start up is to step into the unknown. Of course, the unknown might fail. And it is that risk of failure that I think prevents many people from taking that big step.

This weekend, my 10 month old took her first steps. I have been watching her with fascination over the last few months as she has been learning this new skill that we all take for granted. Have you ever watched a child trying to walk? It is a wonderful insight into what us humans are capable of. Of course, my 10 month old can’t understand instruction, so I can’t teach her this skill. She has no background knowledge, no measure of success. Just trial and error. And sheer determination. You can see this tiny human being struggle to move and to balance, and she continues to fall over, occasionally bumping her head in the process which makes her cry. But nothing stops her. She doesn’t give up because its too difficult. She doesn’t give up because she keeps failing in her attempts. She keeps going. She figures out how to do it better next time.

A tiny 10 month old has taught me something even the best business brains out there cannot. That to succeed at something you need to keep going. You need not be afraid of failure, but use every bump and every fall as a way of figuring out how to do things better next time.

This is inspiring to me. If we have the instinct as humans to be this determined in our efforts to achieve what we want, why are so many of us afraid of making that step into the unknown?

About the author:

Lauren is an entrepreneur and author of www.theglitteringeyesbrigade.com – a blog about her journey in starting her own business

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