What If………….

What if you had the confidence to dive into something that you have always wanted to do? What if you could tuck your fear into your pocket and push through a challenge? What if you told yourself all the reasons you should do something rather than all the reasons why you might fail if you were foolish enough to try?

These questions have been rolling around in my brain for a couple of weeks now because on too many occasions lately I’ve heard highly competent people talking about things they wanted to do but didn’t because they believed they weren’t up to the challenge. In each case, I was blown back with surprise because they were all extremely talented and capable people who I wouldn’t have expected to be second guessing their own unique capabilities to the degree that they were.

Perhaps even most surprising was the number of people who, when talking about their career paths, said almost as a matter of fact, that they never would consider shooting for the number one position. “Number two maybe, but not number one.”

It was obvious in each conversation that negative self talk and doubt was sabotaging the level of success, both personal and professional, that each person could achieve. And it was obvious that they were bummed out by it.

Yes, negative self talk has always been in the ether but now its level seems to be on heightened alert.

Many people have been rattled by the recent recession. Many have been rattled by losing the support and development of leaders who are now overstretched and under developed themselves. And many have been rattled by the fear that things will never be the same again.

All reasonable reasons to be rattled.

But it’s time now.

It’s time to come out of our “duck and cover” positions and reclaim our own success. It’s time to start talking to yourself about the great things that you can do if you put your mind to it. It’s time to remember all of the dragons you’ve slayed in the past and know wholeheartedly that you’ve got what it takes to do it again.

And it’s time to transform caution and doubt into a rendezvous with success.

Are you ready?

Sandi Coryell is a Leadership and Success Speaker and Strategist committed to unleashing Deviant Leadership. You can follow Sandi on Twitter @SandiCoryell or contact her directly at [email protected]


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