What is a Business Operations Manual

Remember when you started your first job and you were thrown out there to learn what to do?  

How to resolve issues or deal with the angry client?  

How to process payments and resolve the declines?  

Or, place the monthly supply order?

My 1st job was at a corporate IT helpdesk.  We had tons of daily tasks, from resolving user issues with MS Office products, processing the telecom bills, or troubleshooting network connectivity.  I was thrown out into the user community to make do.  I managed to be successful, but would have benefited from some sort of written guide.

The Business Operations Manual is your guide to operating an efficient customer focused business.  This manual should have simple processes that anyone can follow.

Sample Contents of a Business Operations Manuals:

  • Introduction, Letter from the Founder
  • Organizational Chart
  • Employee Information (protocol, contact #’s, etc.)
  • Human Resources (hiring/firing, vacations, overtime, payroll, etc.)
  • Business Operating Procedures
    • Business Management
    • Store Open & Close Procedures
    • Payment Processing
    • Invoice Reconciliation
    • Booking Client Appointments
    • End of Week, End of Month, End of Quarter and End of Year Procedures
    • Ordering Supplies
  • Sales Policies and Procedures
  • Customer Service Policies and Procedures
  • Reports & Records (business reports, keeping records, etc.)
  • Safety & Security
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Legal Matters

Some Benefits of a Business Operations Manual:

  • Ability to train staff on efficiently executing business processes
  • Know what talents are required for an open position
  • Give investors an inside look at how the business is operated
  • Provide a consistent customer experience for all staff
  • Ability to easily identify task for delegation

Ever wonder how those franchises such as Pep Boys, Dollar Tree, McDonalds, etc. can open anywhere and be successful?  They have franchise manuals!  These manuals guide franchise owners in operating their business from human resources to store closing procedures.

I believe every small business should have a Business Operation Manual.  With that I have created the Growth Protocol Solution.  There is four step roadmap to completing you GPS for operational efficiently.  During the process you will experience the following:

  • Quickly work to identify key system needs for your business.
  • Quickly put together systems with clear steps of implementation.
  • Complete solid implementation of systems and processes.
  • Leave you with an GPS to reference and train staff members as needed.

Each GPS is customized for your business.  While your business may offer a unique service or product, they all have the same core operating procedures.  Growth Protocol specializes in identifying and streamlining key processes needed for your business.  

If you are struggling to grow your business, or are overwhelmed by your daily tasks contact Growth Protocol for support > [email protected].


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