What is a Wellness Program Anyway?

What is a Wellness Program Anyway
What is a Wellness Program Anyway

What is a Wellness Program Anyway?

I’ve been searching twitter for tags like #healthy food, and #healthy living, and been totally terrified by what I have found. So many people, especially women, confuse health with weight. From the photos I have seen and the posts I have read, you would think that the skinnier you are, the less fat you eat, the healthier you must be.

That, my friends, is only a tiny piece of the puzzle.

I like to use the word wellness, instead of health, because I feel like it spells out more of what we are going for. How do you know if you have achieved wellness? Do you feel well? Do you feel satisfied and energized and alive? Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to your day, and excited for breakfast? Is your exercise full of joy?

It seems like the answer to most of those questions is “no” for a lot of people. When we diet, we feel tight, and constrained, and we have to kick ourselves in the butt to do the “healthy” thing, rather than glide through our lives with energy and ease.

At this point, you are like “Lily, come on. There is no ease when you are dieting.” And that is just not true.

If you find the foods that are right for you, and the exercise that is right for your body, you can eat delicious food, move in a way that is enjoyable for you, and maintain true wellness.

I am a Wellness Counselor in Boulder, Colorado. I love helping women discover the diet and lifestyle that makes them radiant! We explore the connection between the food you eat, and the way you feel; inside and out. Please follow, comment, email; get in touch!


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