What is your dream for your life?

What is your dream for your life?

I ask because I’ve always had one for mine. Whilst I haven’t always done things to enable that dream to be realised, its always been there in the background gnawing at me with each wrong turn and comforting me each time somebody didn’t agree with or understand my vision.

Just think of the importance of a business plan when starting a new venture or an architect’s drawing for a new building. These things clearly set out the end goal so that the entrepreneur or architect knows what it looks like and can easily be steered back on track should they venture off course.

Its also a good idea to create visual aids for your dream for your life. A vision board or a simple list will do, something that acts as a frequent reminder and can be tweaked every now and then should the parameters of your dream adapt as time passes.

I remember reading an interview with Solange Knowles (love her btw!) and she summed it up perfectly for me as “Having the financial to support the lifestyle that makes me feel fulfilled” (Italian Vogue).

To reach a place where I am ultimately and unconditionally happy, I have a progressing relationship with myself and with God, where the things that I love to do or that I am intrigued by are not financially out of my reach or in anybody else’s control that is.

That is the dream for my life.

It has been with me for at least the last decade and it has grown on me with each passing day. I will begin to realise that dream through sharing my ultimate passion for beauty and health with you through Yours Truly Organics.

So again I ask you (insert your name here) what is your dream for your life?


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