What is Your Signature Style?



Here’s a bit about your Signature Style and what it Says About You …

Are you the type who dashes back at the last minute to put on a crisp cardigan or a jacket? Traditionals feel most comfortable when their ensemble is complete, coordinated and buttoned up. You like to get it done.

Do you finish your ensemble with something feminine? Bohemians like a swingy skirt, a ruffle or embroidery to make them feel sweet. Classic ladies wear pearls, scarves and embellish with their monogram. Glamorous Girls cannot resist a sexy heel and they have gorgeous, face-framing hair. You get a reaction – like it or not – from men.

Cozy Casuals love boyfriend jeans, a soft tee and stripes or a printed dress. For work, they like fabrics with stretch and shoes that don’t pinch. Or they stay in their sports gear all day long.You are strong, individual and quietly confident.

Elegants feel best in luxurious but understated ensembles and every detail from hems to heels are perfect. High quality is essential, even more so than the designer label attached. You take charge – of conversations, events, projects and pretty much all else.

Do you have a powerful vision of yourself, your work or your art? Queenly women go dark, minimal or architectural and appreciate intricate or unusual constructions. Artists combine patterns, need color around them and are drawn to unique handbags, accessories and shoes. You change the mood or the temperature of any room you walk into.

I can help you if your clothes don’t express the message you want to send. Call, email or text to find out specifically how I can help you.


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