What it’s like to be a Female Solopreneur

As a female entrepreneur, there will be times when you feel lonely. When my friends start talking about the Shark Tank show, I like to explain my analogy of how many good ‘ole sharks there are out there just waiting to bring down a good female entrepreneur.  Let me explain… Sometimes I feel like I’m on this little boat in the middle of the ocean and I’m all alone with sharks swimming around me and I dream of making to the nearest island for safety. I call this a bad day in my life as a solo female entrepreneur. This might be a day when I have some 70 year old man who claims he’s been in business all his life tell me that my idea for a organic hygiene company just won’t work.  Who could possible want to buy that, right?

We’ve all had those bad days and if you a single parent female entrepreneur it’s just even harder. It’s like who do you talk to at the end of the day? The kids aren’t interested because they got their own things going on. Family might be tired of listening.  Most of my female friends are also self-employed so they are just as busy and when we can squeeze in an hour for lunch there’s just not enough time to discuss the good…the bad…and the ugly of each of our businesses.

There are good days and lots of them and thank goodness for that, and those days get you through the bad ones.  Being a solo female entrepreneur means you will live through feast AND famine, you will be told NO a lot, you will be looked at like “have you lost your mind?” It’s frustrating, and at the end of the day you think to yourself….odds are that tomorrow will be a much better day!

Anyone else want to comment on what it’s like to be a female solopreneur?


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