What Motivates You? What Is Your Why?

PE 2016-3 What's The WhyI watched The Lord Of The Rings the other day. I’ve seen this movie a dozen times. Each time I sit through 3 hours and 48 minutes of Middle Earth, I get drawn by one of the character sub-stories.

This time it was Samwise Gamgee. Stop and think for a moment. It’s one thing for Frodo and Aragorn to go off fighting Orcs, Sauron, and those creepy Dark Riders. Frodo was in charge of the ring and Aragorn was the reluctant king after all.

But what about the kind-hearted Sam? What made him choose to leave the comforts of The Shire and the love of his life? He wasn’t the one entrusted with the ring. He wasn’t even related to Bilbo Baggins.

Yet he chose to take on that life-changing journey to help his friend achieve his goal. And even when he faced danger after danger, he never wavered. He kept going. What in the world was his why?

I’ve asked myself whether I would choose the same way as Sam. Frankly I’m not sure I would.

But it led me to ask myself several questions about my work today. I want to share those questions with you.

I know these can be hard to answer sometimes… but it’s good to ask ourselves from time to time.

If only to remind ourselves why we’re in it. Or to figure out why.

So here you go…

Why do you choose to do what you do?

What is your why? 

What is the thing that motivates you to keep pushing up that hill every day?

Is it strong enough for you to keep pushing through no matter what?


About The Author: Lou Blaser mentors professional men and women who refuse to be stuck, and want to create meaningful careers. She writes about, and advises on career reinvention at Second Breaks.


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