What Parenting Style is Right for You?

 What Parenting Style is Right for You?

Whether you’re a new or seasoned mom, when you’re not using the right parenting style, your home can quickly become one of disaster as things begin to come undone. Choosing the right parenting style not only sets the path for a healthy foundation for your children, but truly improves the quality of life for everyone living in the household.

According to experts, there are 4 different parenting styles accepted today, but if you’re stuck with the wrong one, it can lead to feelings of guilt, frustration, and your family communication pattern can be deeply disrupted. If you’re wondering what parenting style is right for you, it’s not as simple as flipping a coin but requires the right education. By learning more about the different parenting styles, you can learn how each style will impact your children, and choose the one that is right for your families needs.

Authoritative parenting

The authoritative parenting style is highly respected in both society and by professionals, as this form of parenting uses a caring tone, with the structure that is consistent. Children are encouraged to think for themselves and make the right choices. The idea behind this form of parenting is that the parents will not always be there to help the child, thus they need to learn how to make good decisions on their own by becoming a well-rounded member of society. Both morality and sound judgment are part of this parenting style, offering children with information on what is right and wrong, and using a technique that helps children carry this information with them throughout their lives.

While authoritative parents do have a sound set of rules and regulations that the children are expected to follow, they also listen to their children, rather than simply enforcing punishment. The child’s point of view, along with their reasoning behind the behavior, is considered when punishing a child. These parents aim to teach their child how to handle problems the right way and approach different situations with good judgment. The approach authoritative parents take teaches children respect for both their parents and themselves. Many experts say that authoritative parents have found the perfect balance in parenting, creating the best quality of life for both the parents and children.

Authoritarian parenting

Not to be confused with authoritative parents, authoritarian parents have a set sound of rules that children must listen to no matter what. Rather than allowing the child to voice their option when it comes time for punishment, authoritarian parents say that rules are rules for a reason and seldom offer any explanation on why the child is being punished in the first place. The idea behind this form of parenting is that by imposing limitations and enforcing rules, the children will be more likely to succeed.

Children who come from authoritarian households are often obedient, striving to succeed in the different walks of life, but the family communication pattern is lacking. Experts say that in some cases, a child’s personality may not adapt well to this form of parenting and the child will end up rebelling.

Permissive parenting

Permissive parents are the polar opposite of authoritarian parents when it comes to parenting techniques. Rather than posting a lot of rules and regulation, permissive parents typically have no rules at all, and their parenting technique is set around treating children like friends. The children are treated with respect at all times and showered with love, with the aim of boosting their self-esteem and making them strong adults. If any rules are present in the household, they are seldom enforced. These parents believe that the children will learn about rules and boundaries as they grow older and their childhood shouldn’t be restricted.

While some children do benefit from this parenting style, others need structure to feel secure. Additionally, if children are unable to learn right from wrong once they grow up, those who come from a permissive household are likely to approach life thinking they can have everything they want.


According to experts, most people carry on the same parenting tradition as their parents used, but that method may not always be right for your family. It’s clear to see, not every child responds the same way to different parenting techniques, and while you may feel set in your ways, adapting to create a serene balance will not only help you raise a happier child, but will improve family communication and the quality of life for everyone in your household.

If your parenting style is working, that’s great, but if you find the day-to-day frustrations to outweigh the benefits, it may be time to look into a different parenting style that can help create positive growth.

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