What skills would you buy? What skills could you sell?

What skills would you buy?

What skills could you sell? What a great evening we had. Just got home from our twitter lesson with Genevieve and we wanted to share the experience… Meet Genevieve, an incredibly talented woman who was working full time for a reputable well known software company. She got laid off from her job. The timing could not have been worse as she had just become pregnant. The prospect of finding a new job was unfortunately slim. She went for several interviews and came close to getting hired. Who wouldn’t want to work with such a talented woman? But, being the honest sweet girl she is, and with an obvious growing belly, she divulged her pregnancy each time. So this pregnant girl, instead of sitting around moping, decided to take control of her life and go out and sell her skills. She started freelancing.


She posted her profile and at the same time we posted a “gig” looking for someone to show us the ins and outs of Twitter. We wanted to quickly and efficiently learn the tool from an expert with experience. We immediately got matched! We set up the parameters of the project and decided to meet at a coffee shop for our lesson. Sending our questions in advance, Genevieve showed up with a detailed description on how to make use and take advantage of this incredible social media. It was a great success and we even tweeted her later to show off our new skills. This meeting will definitely lead to more projects with Genevieve as we know there are lots of other companies that have this same need.

We wondered, without sites such as workhoppers, where could we find and be matched with someone locally to teach us? Such a simple task that required very few hours! We certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable to find somebody on some of the sites that sell tires and furniture. At workhoppers.com we had her picture, her CV, her skills and even some of her main traits. We knew a lot about Genevieve before even meeting with her. At the same time Genevieve felt comfortable to meet with us. She had a lot of information about our company in advance.

Matches and new jobs happen each day by way of the internet. But, it is a great feeling to see and feel the effects first hand! It is amazing that people looking for flexible work can now more easily find local jobs and companies can more efficiently run their businesses with tools available on the web.

Do you have a freelance business or have you considered starting one? Tell us what led you to freelancing and what skills you are selling. What are you good at? If you are a company, tell us what you would need help with? What skills would you like to buy? Here are some ideas to get you started: an SEO blog article, a logo, an infographic, a video, an outstanding powerpoint presentation, a business plan…..

Submitted by Linda Singer, Co-founder at www.workhoppers.com Where talented people find flexible work and savvy companies get local help on-demand.


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