What The President’s Announcement Means For Michigan – Blue Cross Blue Shield & Anthem

President Obama announced that Americans that currently have individual health care policies can keep the policies for a period of one year. The decision is designed to ease the impact on individuals who have received cancellation notices from their health insurance company because the policies do not meet essential health benefit requirements under the Accountable Care Act (ACA).

Health Insurers will be required to notify individuals that have policies that predate the ACA that other benefit alternatives are available under the ACA and also must specify the areas of their current plan that fall short of ACA essential benefits.

The President’s announcement does not impact employer sponsored health care benefit programs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield & Anthem are currently reviewing the details of the President’s announcement. We expect they will make an announcement within a week. There are logistical issues involved. The internal software system for 2014 may not allow for the compatibility of current plans and new PPACA plans since it wasn’t designed to. In addition, the upcoming holiday closures create a short time frame for which changes are to occur.

If this decision of the Administration was made earlier in the year, it would have avoided a lot of headaches. We have been fighting for your rights to keep your current plan and shop for something better. Freedom of choice has been your right and we advocate personal decisions for highest satisfaction in using health insurance benefits.

We will keep you updated to the options available. We anticipate resolution by mid-December.
Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.

by Jeanine Kinzie

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