What to do when the pressure to breastfeed gets too much

It is recommended that a child should be breastfed for at least six months. Therefore, it is your role as a mother to ensure that the child is fed with breast milk. As a mother, you want the best for your baby and due to different circumstances; you may find that the pressure to breast feed is too much. It could be that you are not producing enough milk for the baby, or you are working mom spending time away from the baby.

This article is addressing what you should do when the pressure to breastfeed get too much. You should not kill yourself with the guilt of failure to produce enough milk for your baby. In case you are faced with the pressure, you should:

Consult with the midwives or the hospital

Your breasts may be producing milk that is not enough for the baby and you may be trying your best to feed the baby. You should not kill yourself with stress as you listen to the baby cry. You can consult with the midwives at the hospital on the best alternatives to breastfeeding if your milk is not satisfying the baby.

Seek support from the family


As a mother, when you feel that the pressure to breast feed is too much, you can talk to your family members about it. It could be your partner, your mother or close relative. This would help to reduce the stress related to the pressure, especially if you feel inadequate to your child. You can discuss the best alternatives to breastfeeding with your partner.

Seek medical attention

Sometimes the pressure may be too much such that you may end up getting depressed. The best thing is to seek medical attention so that your mental health can be taken care of. It would be difficult to take care of a baby when you are stressed or even depressed.

In as much as you have the best interest for your baby at heart, your health is also important. Currently, there are campaigns targeting exclusive breast feeding for the first six months. This leaves the mother with the role of ensuring that the baby is breastfed and sometimes the pressure is too much that you are not able to handle it. This does not mean that you should give up altogether if you find out that you cannot cope with the pressure. You can seek help from the medical care providers and also get support from your family.


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