What To Think About When Starting a High-End Restaurant

Starting a restaurant of any kind can be quite a stressful venture and this multiplies when we’re talking about a high-end restaurant. Patrons expect a certain level of service and quality of food for the money they pay compared to the lower-end restaurants. The details that have to be considered for either sector to be successful have similarities but by no means are the same. The following are things you need to think about when you are starting a high-end restaurant.  Skimping on the kitchen equipment, training for staff, or even the experience around the meal can all lead to subpar food and/or experience, and only a few bad reviews about a high-end startup restaurant can cripple growth, perhaps even permanently.

High End Food Calls For High End Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

The best possible restaurant kitchen equipment needs to be used for the staff to produce the highest quality of food. The stovetops and ovens aren’t the only things that should be of the highest quality. The restaurant’s ventilation equipment is also vital, not only for kitchen staff but for patrons, as well. Exhaust hoods and fans over stoves and grills minimize the smell of raw ingredients and pull the smoke away from the restaurant’s dining area. You can browse various canopy exhaust hood sizes online to find the right one for your restaurant’s kitchen, and oftentimes stores will offer exhaust hood and fan packages to provide greater savings.

A smoky, greasy atmosphere might be fine for a barbeque joint, but this isn’t what people are looking for when they visit a high-end establishment. Make sure your high-end commercial kitchen’s exhaust hood and ventilation system equipment are running as effectively as possible.

Hiring Versus Apprentice-Style Training

One of the huge differences in low-end restaurants versus high-end establishments is that of the service. There are some restaurants that offer apprentice-style trainings for their servers. An established server will have an assistant so they can see and even take over serving some guests’ meals if needed. The apprentice not only helps things run more smoothly but they can also help expedite service in case of a jam. Patrons are routinely impressed that their waiter or waitress has an assistant.

The ability of getting great tips on multi-thousand dollar checks is great motivation for a waiter to train their assistant well. Look for potential entry-level candidates who are experienced in dealing with more affluent people. Someone with extensive experience at a resort, country club or even a luxury automobile brand such as Porsche or Land Rover would be an ideal candidate.

Offering a Meal Versus Experience

There is a big difference in being able to give customers an experience rather than just a meal. This experience could come through a variety of different avenues besides the food. The service being impeccable is a reason that many legendary restaurants use apprentice-style training as mentioned above. Live music like a piano player who takes requests also adds to the experience.

A great example of offering an experience versus a meal is that of Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa. They have a separate dessert room with a piano player, not to mention one of the largest wine collections in the world. Remembering that patrons pay extra money for an experience while setting up training and the restaurant’s layout and theme could not be more important.

These are just a few of the most important things to think about when starting a high-end restaurant. Be proud of your vision — you’re a woman with the drive to start a business for herself!

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