What Women on Business Should Learn From The Film Frozen

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care
What they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway

Young and old alike never fail to sing along whenever the song “Let it Go,” the original sound track of the 2014 Best Animated Feature Frozen, is being played on the airwaves. Aside from the catchy tune, the song appealed to most people especially the women on business because of the message it imparts. No wonder it bagged the prestigious award for Best Animated Feature during the recently concluded Oscars Awards. The film shares more than a handful of business growth advises that women on business can learn from it.

Here are 3 smart business strategies that women leaders can learn from the movie “Frozen:”

Use abilities and positions wisely

2 words that business leaders should never use are “I can’t.” That was what Elsa mentioned in between gasps when Hans asked her to stop the winter. Had she had the right mindset to control her power, things would have been better for her kingdom.

Women on business can learn from this. There is an age old adage that says that the mind is limited so might as well put your heart into what you really want to achieve. The movie is teaching business leaders to use their abilities in such a way that can be the most beneficial not only for their companies but more importantly, to their customers and clients. Like powers, abilities may be used to advantages, but when abused, it may result to danger. May leaders use their abilities and positions to find ways to develop solutions to problems. Never say “I can’t” especially in critical situations.

Face your fears

“I’ll make this right.” That was Anna’s firm determination when she was about to go and find her sister. Anna is a princess with no extraordinary powers. She travelled alone – the first time that she had done in her entire life – just to bring her sister back to make everything alright. She knew it wouldn’t be a smooth journey. All her life she lived inside the palace. But Anna was focused on her goal no matter what.

In like manner, women leaders should have the same resoluteness to achieve. What can help them is to have a clear vision. Facing fears help them towards a better vision for their companies. Emotional issues may complicate the process of focusing on the goal. Never let this happen. Stay away from living a life that is fabricated by your personal complexities.

Invest in relationship

Anna had her true friends along – Kristoff and Olaf – who stood by her in her most trying time. In like manner, business leaders should invest in relationship. They should create a team of equally passionate individuals. Respect their ideas as they deliver timely insights. Never undermine their ideas. Find out ways to shower your team with appreciation. Spend time to really get to know them so you can build friendships with them. Practice making yourself available to your team.

Indeed, Frozen provides more than a chilling feeling. It offers the best business lessons to help women on business became the best leaders as they step into a more appropriate stance on smarter business perspectives.

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