What Your Sleep Position Personality Tells You?

Sleep Position Personality

Back. Stomach. Side. Everyone has a Sleep Position Personality that helps to give them a good night’s rest. While some people love to sleep on their backs, others couldn’t dream of getting comfortable that way even for just one minute. Whether you’re a stomach or a back sleeper, the position you choose actually says something about your personality.

Soldier Sleep Position Personality

If you sleep this way you lie on your back with your hands at your sides. These people are often calm and keep to themselves. But, they can also be a bit stuck-up. They don’t make a big deal out of things either. Those who favor this sleep position also like to set the bar high for themselves and for others.

Fetal Sleep Position Personality

Sleep Position Personality
Fetal Sleep Position
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People who sleep this way are on one side curled up in a little ball. This is actually the most popular way to sleep. If you like to curl up in a fetal position, chances are you are a strong person but take a while to open up to others. Once you do open up, you are pretty laid back.

Reacher Sleep Position Personality

This position consists of someone lying on one side with both of their arms out in front, almost as though they are reaching out for something. People who prefer this Sleep Position Personality are said to take their time making decisions. They are also a bit suspicious of the people and things around them. Reachers are usually pretty confident in their decisions once they actually make them.

Log Sleep Position Personality

We’ve all heard the expression, “sleep like a log”. Well, if you actually do sleep this way then you’re on one side with your head, neck, legs, and arms all straight in one line. Log sleepers are stubborn. They make even come off as a bit stuck-up. Trusting and even being a bit gullible are also traits of people who like this sleep position.

Freefall Sleep Position Personality

If you sleep in the freefall position you’re on your stomach with your hands on the pillow and your head to one side. Freefallers are confident. They’re also good at making friends and like to go to parties. But, sometimes they can be a little nervous and may not be able to take criticism.

Starfish Sleep Position Personality

Sleep Position Personality
Starfish Sleep Position
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Are you a great listener? Do people often tell you that you are a good friend? If so, then maybe you’re a starfish sleeper. These people sleep on their backs with both arms up near their head. Starfish sleepers are usually liked by everyone. People who like this Sleep Position Personality often like to help others but don’t want all the praise for it.

So, have you figured out which one you are? Does the position match your personality?

It’s time for this fetal position sleeper to curl up. Sweet dreams.


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