What’s a Stay at Home Mom Worth?

What’s a Stay at Home Mom Worth?

Obviously, there’s no putting a price tag on the real value of a Stay at Home Mom, but if you consider all the jobs Moms do day in and day out (plus overtime), you might be surprised to see just how high their market value really is.

What Is A Stay At Home Mom

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  1. Great point Jana! We are doing the lions share of work in and in some cases out of the home and our contributions are not measured in dollars and cents for the real economic value we bring! Its outrageous!

  2. Jodi, I never even thought about the retirement aspect. Before we had our girls, I was a contributing the max into my 401K every year so we’ll need to add that in out financial planning meeting this month! Thanks!

  3. Shame on you Eve. Why would you assume all stay-at-home parents are moms? Women will never make any real progress until we stop perpetuating sexist views of women, men and family.

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