Whats The Mess Gotta Do With It?

I love my hubby! But sometimes he can be… well, let’s say sometimes my love is stretched thin. My husband is a huge creature of habit and most of the time it’s completely fine with me. Each day he likes to retrieve the mail and each day the mail is deposited on the kitchen counter. Did you notice I wrote retrieve the mail? So he doesn’t sort, organize or take the mail anywhere. He just leaves it on my counter and by the end of the week I have a huge pile of mail sitting on the counter.

mail before

So off I went to find some Fresh Road Kill! Did I find something? Of course I did!

Someone was throwing this away because it was chipped at the bottom.

Nothing a little glue and paint wouldn’t fix.


mail 3

Now we are both happy!

He has a spot for mail which I sort for him (you’re welcome honey!)


I don’t have to see mail on the kitchen counter.

It’s a win-win!

What do you think?


Planting Peace!