What’s Your Leadership Brand?

leadershipDo you have a leadership brand? If you do, can you articulate it? If not, why not? A leadership brand is similar to a product brand – it tells your audience what you’re about and what you stand for. If you look at a luxury product, you may think it represents quality and a sense of aspiration. If you look at a budget brand of a product like custard creams (yes, I am quite partial to a custard cream), you may think it has cheap ingredients and you may be more likely to invest in a better quality biscuit.

Just the same way you look at products and their ‘brands’, when you look at yourself as a leader or potential leader, what would you like people to think about you?

Do you want to be known as
• The person who gets things done?
• The person who brings out the best in others?
• The one who drives others as hard as they drive themselves or
• The person who is single-minded in what they do?

If you think about a leader you admire, think about the words that come up in your mind as you describe them. I have listed some examples (it’s ok if you don’t agree with these!)
• Anita Roddick: innovator, forward thinker, integrity
• Richard Branson: unconventional, cool, savvy business head
• Donald Trump: arrogant, risk taker, high energy
• Hillary Clinton: inspirational, role model, tenacious

What kind of a leader do you want to be? Above are famous examples
but also think about the people you observe on a daily basis who are amazing leaders for inspiration.

What would be the 5 core values you stand for?
You need to know what you stand for so you know what you will NOT stand for. One of the key inspirational traits of a leader is the ability to be consistent and when you have a clear leadership brand or identity which aligns to who you are, you will live up to the brand rather than feeling like you’re trying to be someone else. You want people to know what to expect from you and this consistency is a powerful trait.
Remember, leading others is a privilege, an honour and a responsibility so it’s up to you to determine how you approach the role so you can inspire greatness in others.

Yasmin Vorajee is a Leadership & Empowerment Coach for Emerging Women Leaders. Yasmin is on a mission to inspire more women to lead others authentically, skilfully and inspiringly.

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