When A Woman Is The Boss

Business woman shaking handsYou might think that just because you live in a modern age that gender no longer matters in the workplace. Having shattered the glass ceiling in the most efficient way possible, you bought your own corporate ladder and decided to own your own business. You can pick out professional clothes for the office and even grab your morning cup of joe, make it black no sugar please, from the coffee shop on the corner as well as any man in the industry.

Yet, despite all your progress, the other stuffy business men you deal with on a daily basis continue to treat you as a lesser human–especially many of the men working in your own building. You might imagine it is not fair that you get treated this way, but despite how society evolves, it does not change the fact that gender issues in the corporate world are still a big issue.

As the boss of your own business, it is up to you to take the reigns and whip your company into shape–especially if you want other owners of other businesses to take you seriously. This may involve making many difficult decisions, but remember, you are in business to make money. It is therefore important to note that how you carry yourself in this role matters significantly.

Assessing The Workplace

Before enacting any strong office policies, it is a good idea to take notes on what your workers do that you feel is acceptable and unacceptable. This includes how they treat you as their boss. Following this up with calling people back into your office and asking them key questions about their performance and behavior is another way to reinforce to the entire office that you are watching their every move.

The idea in regularly conducting these types of surveys of the work environment is that it allows your employees to know that they are really being evaluated on a constant basis and that their performance and behavior in the office matters to you.

Taking The Reigns

Though a modicum of fear is a good motivator for a boss to use around the office to keep others in line, this use of fear has to be tempered with tact. Pulling a problematic subordinate out in front of other workers and firing them on the spot may send shock-waves through the office, but such strong handed tactics may actually create more of a bad vibe around the office than is good for business. This bad vibe can even cost you clients and cause other business owners who visit to not want to do business with you.

For the sake of your business, you must establish among your employees that you encapsulate a sense of fairness, even if you must sometimes drop the ax on an unfit employee. Also knowing when to be merciful and giving the people with potential a chance to improve under your guidance is a means to helping others see you in a proper and fair professional light. When you take the time to earn and command the respect of your employees, this can transform your business in major ways.

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