When is the Best Time For Dealership Services?


Have you ever walked into your favorite restaurant during a heavy rush and been disappointed when your service was not as good as it normally is?  You probably looked around and said, “Well, it’s really busy, so I can see why.” The same thing is true when you to take your car in for dealership services. High demand business hours can sometimes affect the quality of your service. Like restaurants, dealerships have busy times when their employees may be overwhelmed and not able to give your car the attention it requires.

“We have a tech at our dealership that made a mistake and recommended brakes to a customer who didn’t need them. He is an honest guy (maybe a little tweaked on caffeine, but honest) who simply made a mistake.  It was a very busy Saturday morning and he hurriedly looked at the pistons, not the pad, and thought the customer needed brakes. He admitted his mistake and volunteered to donate his time for free on any other repairs the customer needed. – Larry M.”

So what are the highest traffic times at a dealership? Saturday mornings are generally the busiest.  The technicians and consultants are under a lot of pressure to get more jobs done and fast. Fridays get busy because people are trying to get their cars repaired before weekend trips. Mondays can also get swamped since most dealerships are closed on Sundays. The best days to visit a dealership are Tuesdays through Thursdays. Not only are these the quietest days where you will most likely get the best service, they may even have lower prices. Many dealerships offer mid-week specials. Some dealerships offer a 10% – 20% discount on maintenance work scheduled on Tuesday through Thursday. Check your dealer’s website before making an appointment for any coupons or deals.

Dealerships should be responsible for bad work whether their staff is in a high pressure situation or not. However, we are all human and mistakes are usually made more frequently when under pressure. To minimize any mistakes made on your car, try for a middle of week appointment and hopefully you can get the best service and a discount!

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