When it comes to Booking and Sponsoring, Keep Hunting!

When it comes to Booking and Sponsoring, Keep Hunting!

The Easter Bunny is busy packing baskets this week & Potential Bookings and Team Members are as plentiful as colored eggs at this time of year! 

When it comes to Booking and Sponsoring, Keep Hunting!

Every year, my siblings & I  do an Easter Egg hunt for all of our kids. There are at least 11 kids there, sometimes more! We fill 20 plastic eggs for each child with candy and coins, and then we spread them all over my sister’s one-and-a-half acre yard. 

Each egg is labeled with the kids’ names, which helps prevents the more “aggressive” ones from running around and grabbing them all up and leaving the little ones empty handed!

There’s prep work involved. The parents have to buy the candy, get the eggs down from the attic (we like to re-use if possible to stay “green”), count them, replace any cracked or missing eggs, make time to fill them, tape them, make sure the names are on them, etc. These eggs don’t just “magically” happen. 

Much like our Sponsoring efforts, nothing would happen without a little pre-work. In our jobs that may be brushing up on skills, getting materials ready, and making sure we are putting our best face on every time we are out in public. 

During the hunt, we keep the eggs low and out in the open for the babies, and for the older kids (mine are 18 & 20!) we get pretty creative as to where we hide them…up in trees, buried in bushes, under planters, etc. 

Are you wishing your Potential New Team Members were just out there waiting for you to find them? Or even Party Bookings? Guess what? They are!

Sometimes they may be out in the open & easy to find, other times they may be a little harder to reach, but I *guarantee* you, they are out there! It’s just up to us to KEEP LOOKING!

Never once in my 20 years of being a mom did ANY of these kids give up looking for their eggs before they found them ALL. They trust us that they are out there and the keeping looking. Sometimes we may even forget where we hid them, but they keep going until they get them all. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 

If you need 6 New Team Members to make your next promotion happen, then keep going until you find them ALL. If you need 8 parties a month to meet your budget needs, then keep going until you find them ALL. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

And even though it’s the same process year after year after year (both for the prep work and for the hunt), we ALL get excited for the event every year, just as though it’s the very first time! As Direct Sellers, we need to find that excitement within ourselves. Even though the processes can be redundant, we need to make our enthusiasm seem like it’s the first time, every time!

I wish you all the EXCITEMENT & ANTICIPATION & JOY that we experience through this fun family tradition, as you seek out your New Team Members & fill your calendar with Parties!

Happy Booking and Sponsoring!~ Kim Denne

Kim Denne has 20 years of Direct Sales experience, and is still working in the field as a seller and a Sr. Team Mentor of a $1.2M team. Find more Direct Sales tips at her blog, www.FoodandHappinessbyKimDenne.com. She can also be found at www.Pinterest.com/KimDenne, www.Facebook.com/KimDenneTS and on Twitter: @KimDenne.


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