When there is nothing left…

Broken, shattered and overwhelmed by what life has dealt. That was me four years ago after losing my job unexpectedly. My self-confidence was in a million pieces and I felt like I was an absolute failure.

The overwhelm of failure led me to believe that I was worthless, useless and had nothing to offer this world – even with over 25 years of experience behind me. It was a gut wrenching, soul searching time.

Out of this I discovered one important trait that I had. I had determination. I had the will to get back up and push forward. Wallowing around in self pity was not the place that I wanted to be. I stood up, dusted off the debris and decided that from that moment on, I would not spend another minute in a job that I hated. Instead I was going to pursue my own direction, create my own business and one that would enable me to feel fulfilled every day.

Four years on, I have not returned to the workplace and instead I am about to launch a brand new and exciting venture to help women transition from the shackles, frustrations and stresses of paid employment into their own amazing and awesome businesses that resonate with their natural gifts, strengths and values.

If you don’t like something, change it. You have the power within to take control and move forward into a world where opportunities abundantly flow. It just needs you to have the right attitude.




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