When TTC Takes Longer Than You Expected

For some folks having a baby seems to take no effort at all. Back when my husband and I were trying for a baby it seemed like half of our friends got pregnant the first month they started trying. Some of them were even surprised how quickly they fell pregnant.  We weren’t lucky that way.

In addition to having difficulty getting pregnant because of my endometriosis we had a hard time staying pregnant. I suffered several miscarriages. This was a particularly tough time for both my husband and me. Finding our way through it took physical and mental effort.

When TTC Takes a While Develop An Action Plan

In order keep my mental spirits up I needed to make sure we were doing everything “right.” This can be both about your physical wellbeing and efforts to conceive as well as your mood and mental wellbeing.


Diet: We started eating healthy to make sure additives and junk food didn’t play a part in our efforts to conceive.  A well balanced diet rich in nutrients and folic acid became a priority. While I made sure to take calcium and a prenatal vitamin, I knew that getting as many nutrients as possible from the foods we were eating was important too.

astro13Exercise: This helped us both mentally and physically. Getting the endorphins pumping into our veins boosted our spirits. It also filled our days with something positive.

Timing: We got much more serious about tracking my cycle using a variety of ovulation monitoring techniques. Then we made sure to be active about trying during the correct time of the month.

Frequency: With a clearer picture of when my fertile window was we made sure to try once a day during the astropeak fertility days and at least every other day leading into them.

Lubrication: When baby making is on a schedule a little extra lubrication can help do the trick. But not just any lubricant will do. Many actually include spermicide or, similarly, negatively affect the conditions inside your body that help promote conception.   Astroglide Trying To Conceive™ is specifically designed for couples trying to have a baby and allows sperm to move freely. With easy to use pre-filled applicators it helps keep effort on this front at a minimum. Astroglide TTC™ has a PH balance designed to give sperm a better chance at survival with a consistency very similar to a woman’s natural fluids. It also contains additives that help to fuel sperm. Every little bit helps! Also, at a very reasonable $12.99 per package it was a reasonable addition to our TTC plan of action.  

Adequate sleep: More and more health-related issues are tied to sleep from weightloss to the common cold. New data seems to emerge each month showing how important getting adequate sleep is to one’s health.


Occupy your mind: Whether you decide to do a deep dive into fertility and learn all you can or delve into a hobby to take your mind off of your issues doing either will help stop you from becoming a worry monster. That worry monster can ruin your mood and infect your relationship.

Your relationship: Each of you may deal with your fertility journey differently. Try to have compassion for your partner’s journey. If discussing it together stops being productive look to friends as an outlet so you can ttc13make time with your partner positive. Focus on interests and activities that are positive and attracted you to one another in the first place. Life with baby is wonderful and but taxing in its own way so if you can assure you have good times as a couple.

Well meaning Advice: While I was always happy to commiserate with others in the same boat or hear the paths that others had walked down on their journey to create a family but chirpy little tips at a cocktail party were super unwelcome while I was struggling. Come up with a good standard response to the well-meaning advice other’s have to offer. Unless the person is a fertility expert in their own right you don’t need to take any of their advice. A doctor friend of mine would always start with “Well, in medical school I learned…” She advised me to say “Well, my doctor advised me to…”.

Stress Management: There are endless different techniques to try from massage, to meditation to acupuncture. Find something that works for you and try to factor it into your life on a regular basis. Lots ofastro4 those well-meaning advice givers will try to tell you that the key is to stop worrying. As a natural born worrier this didn’t work so well for me but if I could work on making sure that my worrisome thoughts didn’t overwhelm my mind and my body I figured I was doing all that I could.

When you path to parenthood isn’t what you expected it can be a stressful time for you and your partner. Remember you aren’t  alone. Making a few minor adjustments can help you put yourself on the right path and also make the journey a more enjoyable one. Parenthood, when it eventually arrives, will make any and all efforts to make it happen feel very worth it.


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Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine


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