When what you’re doing isn’t working

A lot of times when you start diving into a new project, business venture, strategy, or idea, you’ll quickly realize that what you’re doing simply is not working. You’re not seeing the results you expected, and you’re disappointed.

You’re not growing your subscriber list, even though you’re doing everything right according to every blogger giving you advice out there.

You’re not seeing an increase in sales, no matter how many promotions and sales tactics you put into place.

You’re not seeing a surge in traffic to your beautiful website even though you’ve been guest blogging on some of the best sites with your exact target audience.

So what are you doing wrong? Why aren’t you seeing results, and what the heck does it take for you to get it right?

Marketing for your brand doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can certainly take time for it to take off in the right direction! As I’m sure you’ve heard a million times, I’m going to say it once more: success does not happen overnight.

You’ll try hundreds of different marketing strategies throughout the life of your business. Some will work, and some will not work. It may take weeks, months, or years for you to find a solid plan that will succeed to help take your company to the next level. You may hit the nail on the head and land the right marketing technique for your brand just a few weeks in.

I’m not sure how long it took Dollar Shave Club to come up with their killer marketing video that skyrocketed their sales and online presence – but seriously… it’s amazing, and I want to high five every single person that works on that team. Twice.

As I’ve said many times before, building your brand takes time. It takes hustle. It takes trial and error, and it takes persistence.

Don’t quit at the first sign of friction!

When what you’re doing isn’t working, slow down, regroup, and try again. [Tweet] Remember that every entrepreneur has thought about giving up at some point. It’s not easy to be the boss. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

You should also keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you suck if you decide to go back and work for someone else while you build your brand! At the end of the day, your bills need to get paid, and your family needs to be fed.

If what you’re doing to build your brand isn’t working, try something different. Ask yourself every single day, “what am I doing today that will make my company and my life better tomorrow?” [Tweet] If you ask yourself this question every morning when you wake up, you’ll be one step ahead of the game every single day.

Chin up, keep on keepin’ on, and find what works for you one day at a time! [Tweet]


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