Where are all the mentors?

Ask many young girls today which females they look up to today and beyond their family members you’ll probably get a string of celebrities. Ask yourself the same questions and you might be met with deafening silence. I was. I cannot think of one female leader, in or out of the public eye that inspires me. Someone who is intelligent with qualities that show them to be human and flawed, but trying their best.

Many of the women that are out there in management and leadership roles are completely self-serving. Maybe it’s because they found it so hard to get there that the only way they could do it was to trample over everyone else and barricade themselves in at the top. But that’s not motivating to me. That’s not what I look up to. And because I have no one to look up to, I find it hard to see myself in a leadership role.

I haven’t come across anyone who can say, “this is how I did it. This is how I keep at the top of my game. This is how I make it fit with my life.” So I have resorted to googling for these type of women. I know plenty who work extremely hard for a role that is 2 or 3 steps from the top. They easily work 80+ hour weeks. They work weekends. Everything has to be slotted in around the demands of a business that ultimately lines someone else’s pockets.

That someone I imagine is not doing 80 hour weeks and probably spending time with the family at weekends. Most likely they’re male. Maybe my view is not the reality, in every case, but it’s how I see it from my level. And I have no one to show me anything different.
If you have a female role model, please let me know. In the meantime, it’s back to google……


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