Which Side of the Connected Divide Are You On?

Good news. If you’re reading this, you’re probably safely beyond the digital divide. However, today we’re facing another digital frontier that determines a person’s access to opportunity. The connected divide.

On one side of this new dividing line, people are

    • connecting to broader networks
    • cooperating, collaborating & building relationships that boost everyone’s capacity 
    • creating a new wave of learning

as Shelly Blake-Plock of Johns Hopkins University School of Education explains it.

When you’re on the wrong side of the connected divide, you’re connected online but not benefitting fully.

Who are these people on the wrong side? Nice folks. Just not clued in yet to the power of an intentional keystroke. People who need and want opportunities to live & work the way they choose —  just like we do — but aren’t actively searching for them in the most powerful, useful ways available to us today. They are people who happen to be online but are not yet acting in ways that will widen their world, deepen their connections and learn new things that will get them where they want to go in life.

The especially-good-news-for-you about this new frontier?

Your global niche puts you on the right side of the connected divide.

As you expand your world to better find your niche

    • You’re widening your network, and taking in fresh information.
    • You’re using your time and effort online to connect with opportunities you want.
    • You’re the agent of your own development, whether you’re taking a class or charting your own “curated webpath” (as I described my own experience in 2009) through your interests.
    • Your time online — and the global niche you are building for yourself — is connecting you to your own personal learning network.

In this clip from our Fall 2012 digital footprint workshop about seeing your potential, expanding your possibilities, setting priorities and making progress, I talk about an intentional online presence and how to use yours to meet your goals.

WATCH the whole GlobalNiche workshop here (and please pass it on to someone you know who needs help crossing over the connected divide).

Do you see how you’ve been increasing the trust, reciprocity, cooperation & abilities of a group of people who share your interests, and how you’re being helped by your own participation in those groups?

Are you building your own personal learning network online?


Anastasia Ashman is a visionary for the robust, directed online presence we can use to reach our offline goals. The Californian with 15 years abroad in 3 countries, is cofounder of GlobalNiche.net where she combines her global perspective with a pro background in NY & LA media & entertainment to train women everywhere in digital literacy through content strategy & web platform building.


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