Which tech skills will get you the most money?

When computers were new and many found them daunting, a basic level of tech knowledge was enough to get you a high paying job. Now even babies can work iPhones and spreadsheet skills are often standard requirements on job applications, so it follows that tech experts need to continue to gain specialised knowledge to make big bucks. But with so many fields of technology to work in, which tech skills will get you the most money? These are the areas of expertise you need if you want to boost your chequebook with tech.

  1. SAP Skills

An acronym for Systems Applications and Products, SAP consultants advise large companies on how to calibrate their databases for maximum efficiency. These databases allow a company’s departments to seamlessly collaborate. SAP job roles require intimate knowledge of Enterprise Resource Management software and general strategic planning abilities, making them perfect for problem solvers and big thinkers.

Time Magazine’s Money section found that those with SAP skills are paid 3.9% more than their peers. Salaries for working with SAP’s HANA platform averaged $154,749 in 2015, and Business Insider valued skills in SAP’s ABAP software at $125,589 a year. Follow these SAP job tips from the experts at Eursap if you want a piece of the SAP pie.

  1. Cloud Computing Comprehension

Folders on a shelf were replaced with folders on a hard drive. Now, folders on a hard drive have been replaced by folders in the ether. 2016 was the year everything was “in the cloud.” So it’s no surprise that those working in cloud computing are seeing a huge financial boost.

The best part about cloud computing skills is that they are applicable to a number of different industries. Forbes found that companies are hiring cloud technology experts in over nine sectors, including Retail, Manufacturing, Finance and Education. In all these areas, cloud developers are earning over $100,000 a year.

Knowledge of cloud computing now goes side by side with a range of computer skills. Web Developers, Software Engineers and even Marketing Managers all benefit from cloud expertise, according to Forbes’ figures. These nine computing skills can help you expand into this area.

  1. VR Development

Virtual Reality is now very much a reality. Devices like Oculus Rift and HTC’s VIVE are prevalent at events and conventions around the world, being used frequently in marketing, and slowly becoming household items. As a result, VR developers are in high demand.

Demand for VR developers was up 37% last year, and the large starting salaries are only going to grow as headset sales rise and bigger companies collaborate with VR developers on promotional exhibitions.

As VR production company Rewind explain, the skills needed for VR development include: knowledge of programs like PTgui, Autopano Video or Kolor to create 360 videos; skills in ZBrush, Mudbox and Unreal Engine or similar to create 3D environments; and 3ds Max or Maya skills for modelling. Those looking to join work in VR are encouraged to cross-learn as many of these skills as they can to allow for better collaboration.

  1. Big Data

Like cloud computing and VR, big data is on the rise. It has even been suggested that big data is changing the way we think. Mass accumulation of data now plays a huge part in everyday decision making, and it would not be possible without programmers with vast technical knowledge. Employers know this, so they offer big salaries to big data experts.

InfoWorld sees getting a job in Big Data as a surefire way to make $120,000. All of the most profitable programming languages have big data applications. Business Insider says programs like MicroStrategy, R, and Hadoop can easily earn you more than $120,000.


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