Who are the Top 4 Women Entrepreneurs of Bay Area in 2014?

Who are the Top 4 Women Entrepreneurs of Bay Area in 2014?
Women are becoming a stronger and stronger force in the Bay Area startup scene—at long last, according to some. The male-majority has persisted for a long time, especially in the tech industry. But it isn’t a boys-only club, and women all over the Silicon Valley are proving that the only way to overcome the status-quo is to dive in and stake a claim. Here are four of the most exciting women entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.

Jessica Lessin

Covered tech industry news for eight years with the Wall Street Journal prior to founding The Information, where she serves as editor-in-chief. The Information is a subscription online tech news site, founded in 2013. It is designed to cater to industry professionals who are looking for the inside scoop, and are willing to pay for high quality reporting—in today’s world it actually seems like an anomaly to see it sold directly as a product. Though subscription news isn’t a new business model, The Information does serve a unique niche market and it’s dedication to quality reporting has earned it a strong following.
Aarthi Ramamurthy

This exciting startup was founded last year, backed by Y Combinator and based in San Francisco. Lumoid is a try-before-you-buy service for photography equipment—taking the concept of photography rentals (an established concept) and bringing it to a whole new level through integrated payment plans and smart business partnerships with brick-and-mortar retailers. Aarthi worked for many years within Microsoft, gaining experience in product development. She has also flexed her entrepreneurial side by co-founding True&Co, an online company that aimed to revolutionize bra-fitting. Now she’s moved onto Lumoid, and it certainly looks like there is a bright future ahead of this budding company.
Brit Morin

Brit Morin started Brit + Co after leaving Google to pursue her own goals—and prior to that she’d worked at Apple, which is a pretty impressive resume! Brit + Co is a creativity catalyst targeted at women who want to express themselves creatively and learn new artistic crafts. The site runs the gamut from baking to building electronics, with plenty of photography, calligraphy, make-up, fashion, and more mixed all throughout. It’s part product catalog, part class-room, part community-driven DIY.
Grace Garey

It’s not often that a non-profit gets attention from Silicon Valley investors, much less $1 Million in investment! Think of Watsi as crowd funding for vital medical care. Like kickstarter, except instead of funding indie gaming, weird hardware gimmicks, or potato salads, you’ll be funding cancer treatments, nutritional supplements for infants, and other medical needs. They operate on a basis of transparency and trust, with 100% of donations going straight to the recipient in need. Grace has had significant experience in outreach and humanitarian projects. She co-founded the company and serves as the marketing chief as Watsi is rapidly growing and catching the attention of philanthropists everywhere.


In case anyone was still in doubt, I think we’ve soundly proven that a woman can start a business, can run a company, and can revolutionize entire industries. Silicon Valley investors know it, and as long as you bring them the right ideas, they are ready to invest. Who knows, your company will be featured on lists like this in a year or two! Obviously, we don’t know exactly what’s coming next. That’s your job, entrepreneur ;)

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