Why Build a Virtual Team?



Since Yahoo announced that they would end their remote workers program, everyone has started a debate over whether or not a virtual team can perform as well or better than onsite employees. There is evidence that demonstrates the ability for a virtual team to perform as well and even equal to an onsite team.

Here are a few reasons why a virtual team can work for your business just as well as an on-site team.

First, a study conducted at MIT Sloan School of Business off-site, dispersed teams can outperform onsite, centralized teams

In 2009, a study conducted by Cisco also came up with some compelling evidence that demonstrated that a virtual team can actually improve employee performance. For example, the study revealed that 83% of employees said that they could communicate and collaborate with employees offsite at about the same, and arguably better than when they worked with colleagues onsite.

Another compelling piece of evidence from this study revealed that 69% interviewed had reported increased activity offsite in comparison to working onsite, with 75% of them claiming that their productivity had improved over time! Even including a virtual assistant to your onsite team could improve your business’ productivity and performance over time.

Can a virtual assistant work just by including one or more to your team? Or do you have to establish some sort of special structure within your business for a virtual team to help you increase productivity and performance over time?

    • In order to make a virtual assistant work for your business, you must make sure that they have the proper credentials and skills to fulfill the work you need done.
    • It is also important to hire individuals to work as virtual assistants who are experts in their field and can help you lucratively with your business’ needs.

If these steps are taken, you will more than likely hire the “dream team” virtual team that will help your business grow in productivity and performance!

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