Why Do Women Earn Less Than Men?

There are many theories why women earn less than men in jobs and in their chosen careers (e.g. glass ceilings, sexism, they have smaller brains, etc.).

What about in business?  Do Women Entrepreneurs earn less?

According to The State of Women-owned businesses Report, of the 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States only 1.8% had $1 million or more in earnings.  Contributing less than 4 % of the country’s business revenues.

This means that even though there are more women business owners than ever, we are still not earning the income or generating the revenues of our counterparts (even in OUR own companies).


In my experience in working in male dominated industries, men have their theories. Women have theirs.  I have mine. 

The most common theme I see, is women are uncomfortable around money.  They think selling is sleazy, do not want to be “pushy”, don’t speak up & want to play nice.

We do everything to avoid being disliked.   This may work great in some relationships.

But how does is it affect business & your bottom line?

Though men are driven by testosterone and wired for competing, we should rise to the occasion.  We too have amazing gifts that enable us to compete and earn what we deserve.

Women do not have to play the game like men, you can choose to effectively integrate your feminine strengths in business.

Business is about providing a service, delivering value, maintaining relationships & making profit.  Period.

You have done it in your home & can do it in your business.  The key is seeing what is holding you back in your enterprise.

Are you afraid to sell?

Do you hate talking about money?  

Do you really believe in your product or that you are worth it?

Does confrontation make you uncomfortable?

What is stopping you?

You have to ask these tough questions and see where your business is being stopped.  If you are not honest with yourself, your client will suffer and so will your company.

Be a game changer.  Give the world your gifts & get paid for the value you are bringing.  You deserve it! 

What do you believe are reasons women earn less?    And how are you changing the game?



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