Why Flexible Work Arrangements are the New Black

Flexible WorkFor years, the true leaders of fashion knew the best kept secret: black looks good on everyone. No matter what your perceived imperfection is, wearing black would help you to hide or mask it so you could focus on your best assets. Black has been a mainstay for decades and sets the bar of those in pursuit of fashion that makes them look their best.

The professional’s role in the working world has been like the color black in fashion – a mainstay that is consistent and dependable and looks the same way no matter what. However, times have changed. There is a new black in the hiring world and it’s called flexible work arrangements. For years, if you were a working professional and needed any time to take care of personal needs or familial obligations, you hoped that you had enough in the paid time off bank to take the time off. Options were always limited.

As we move toward a more forward way of thinking and adjustment to life outside of work, flexible work arrangements are increasingly becoming more prominent and professionals are feeling more empowered to ask for them when they need to. Whether you’re a new mother needing to adjust scheduling as you prepare for a new baby, a husband who needs to take some time off to be with your wife after a medical procedure or the adult caretaker for an elderly parent, you can now meet those life demands and maintain your tenure and esteem as a professional without the stigma or guilt that you aren’t as committed as others.

I am the President of the Chicago branch of Mom Corps, a talent acquisition and career development organization. Simply put, we pair organizations with a hiring need with talented professionals who have unique needs or want flexibility to achieve a balance in their lives. Each candidate and hiring organization is considered a partner and it is inspiring to consult with them on the next best virtual, technological and strategic solutions to their hiring problems. Truly professional connections are made and the organization’s needs are met quickly, strategically and keeping resources in mind.

As the hiring landscape evolves. it is comforting to know that “flexibility” isn’t a bad word. As time moves forward, the promise of flexibility being a standard of any work arrangement in encouraging. In the meantime, I encourage the 21st century professionals to flaunt their newfound empowerment – it looks good on you.

Leanne Berry, Mom Corps Chicago - President
Leanne Berry, Mom Corps Chicago – President








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