Why Holiday Traditions Are Great For Kids

Ask anyone to name the family holiday traditions they remember as kids or they currently partake in and you will get an instant response filled with love, joy, and unmistakable gratitude. I was fortunate to grow up in a small town close to both sets of grandparents, so every holiday was spent with family. I still carry many of those traditions with me today.

I have so many beautiful memories of spending time with my family over the holidays, and this taught me that there was a deeper connection with holiday traditions than just getting gifts. I remember my grandma letting me stir the gravy on the stove, helping her set up the tree (there was no such thing as pre-lit trees), her famous popcorn balls, and the tray filled with shelled nuts that required the Nutcracker. Start a tradition of baking and cooking with your kids with these helpful tips.

Holiday Traditions
mother and daughter cooking Christmas biscuits

I remember reaching the door of my grandparent’s house on Christmas morning with gifts in tow, and the delicious smells of turkey and pumpkin pie completely filling my senses as I stepped into the house. Just thinking about these memories makes me feel warm and special.

Our family stays true to opening one present, of their choosing, on Christmas Eve and reading The Night Before Christmas before heading off to bed. We love putting up the ornaments together as we reminisce about the meaning behind each ornament and even laugh about how ugly the split pea wreath is that my son made when he was in kindergarten. The sound of the Darth Vader ornament bellowing out “Luke, I am not your father” at 5:00am Christmas morn still brings a smile to my face!

Why Are Holiday Traditions Important?

Holiday traditions are important because they connect past generations with the present and future generations. They are beliefs and activities which are passed down from generation to generation like from parents to their children.

It is important to pass on holiday traditions because they provide a sense of continuity, connection, and love. Family holiday traditions are valuable because through them we can instill social values, maintain cultural traditions, and create close family ties.

Holiday Traditions
Cute girl decorating Christmas tree with a dad.

Family holiday traditions give a sense of belonging, bring people closer, and provide a sense of comfort with their familiarity. They also give us excellent opportunities to create fun times and lasting memories that will stay with us our entire life. The holidays give families a reason to come together and celebrate.

There is something comforting about holiday traditions. Perhaps because they are so familiar to us or that they are intertwined with special moments spent with family and friends. Because these traditions are repeated year after year, you feel a sense of security.

Creating Holiday Traditions

Don’t worry if you do not have previous holiday traditions to carry on with your family. The great news is that you can create your own family traditions! Check out these ten-holiday traditions from across the world.

Holiday traditions can be anything you want them to be. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, so start thinking about what traditions you would like to get started with your family and begin making beautiful memories today that will be enjoyed by future generations to come.


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