Why I Quit Social Media


The Overload.






Four square



I literally was experiencing a social media overload! Back in January our church organized a 3 week fast. My husband and I (being the overachiever’s that we are) decided to start a week earlier. I chose the media fast, no tv with exception of the news and christian programming….that’s right no Scandal, no Real housewives of Atlanta, and no social media.

The Break. 

During my 4 week break, I was fine without social media.

I didn’t miss:

-The Twitter and Facebook rants

-Political views and sexual preferences shoved down my throat

-People being called out and put on blast (do people still say that?)

I felt free from all the noise and decided to continue without it. Well I was WRONG!

(insert my husbands “I told you so” right here)

The Good. 

Although social media has plenty of parts I don’t necessarily prefer, there are some good interactions.

-I launched and write this blog, and without social media it would pretty hard for you to have access to these thoughts

-I interact with family and friends I wish I could see more often

-The Connection it gives between myself and others

-I follow other great writers, bloggers, and some really cool people who inspire me

The Connection.

I realized I began to feel disconnected and ultimately my work suffered to the point where I wasn’t writing at all. I am a branding/marketing person and a huge part of marketing is social media and making a connection to others. So here I am, trying to find a happy medium. I don’t have to totally quit social media, but I do have to figure out what works for me. So rather than continuing my boycott of social media here are of few methods I’m going to try:

-Turn off automatic updates. When you get every status update, re-tweet  or like to your phone it becomes obsessive and time-consuming. Try turning them off and check the updates at your leisure.

-Don’t check social media on your phone. Life is more relaxing when you aren’t always holding the phone in your hand. Log on to your accounts from your computer instead and enjoy your daily activities without the distraction.

-Take small breaks. Too much of anything isn’t healthy, schedule a few days on and then take a few days off.

-Opt out of reading every post, tweet, or looking at every picture on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to pick and choose what you are going to absorb.

So if you ever contemplated unplugging from social media, take a look at this quote:

“Social media’s like a brick — you can use it to build an orphanage or throw it through somebody’s car window.” 
― jon acuff

What will you use it for?

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