Listen To Your Inner Voice

Listening to your Inner-voice
Leaning into my inner-child; listening to my heart- has given me a sense of purpose, fuels me with a life energy which I had long lost and offers me with a clear vision, which keeps me going each and every day.

As a little child I spent most of my time creating; baking, creating puppet shows and talk- shows. Kids around the neighbourhood of all ages came flocking to my home to catch the latest “episode” which I presented to them. Soon enough they all were inspired to do join in, adding their own bits and pieces or creating their own shows. We all helped each other out, learned from each other and we all felt special-because this was our world-our space for us and by us! What I loved most was that our activities brought everyone together; everyone had a role in our world.

I was also a dreamer. My dream was to change the world by creating millions of schools where these activities would be the norm and teachers would be there to facilitate not to preach.

My teachers thought that my dreaming would hinder my progress at schools, and so creative adventurous shows came to a screeching halt. School matters took over and my dreams quickly dissipated into the routine of school life.

Fast-forward 25 years: I learned to ignore my inner voice, and began my career rather early as a concert pianist, travelling and performing around the world. Eventually, I gave up performing and delved into education. I went to grad school at Oxford and Cambridge, obtained a PhD and found myself working as a consultant for multilateral institutions, schools and NGOs.

While I was successful at what I was doing, my inner-voice was always trying to tell me something. But, I was always busy, running and running, doing and doing and managed to ignore it.

I ran and ran until a life-threatening illness took hold of me. My life, as I knew it was put on “hold”. 7 years later, I felt entirely debilitated, hopeless and prepared to succumb to the ill health.

A long hospital visit and a friendship to my 73-year old terminally ill roommate pushed me back into my childhood and into a space of hope. My roommate and I had a profound exchange of thoughts, stories, fears, dreams, hopes, laughs and tears.

“Who are you really and what do you really want to do in life. Listening to your inner voice will heal you!” Were some of the words that still resonate from our discussions and those which kissed my soul out of an elongated slumber.

I dreamt of scenes from my childhood and saw myself as vibrant, healthy, full of energy, overflowing with creativity and living my dream! I spent much time in meditation and gave my inner-voice the attention it had long desired. My childhood dreams came flooding back to me. That was it! It was as if something opened within me.

Once I returned home, I began doing things, which nourished my heart; cooking, writing and then, I created the concept for my “Dream”. For the first time since I was a child, I feel passionate again; I feel in flow and I know that I am on the right path.

It was as if getting in touch with my inner child has given me so much strength to deal with my situation and I am convinced that it has significantly contributed towards my healing.

I am now living a life in flow, following my heart to wherever it takes me. When things flow, with no resistance, it is a clear a sign that one is on the right path. So, close your eyes, listen to your heart and go forth; that feeling will lead the way.



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