Hiring a Virtual Assistant AKA Why the Lottery Works.

lotteryThe whole reason the lottery works is because you’re paying $5 for a chance to win a Powerball of $400 million.

At the end of the day, that is just chance.

What if I asked you to give me $1 and in 3 months I give you $10 back. Would you do it?

This is really how you need to think about a virtual assistant.  Instead of looking at bringing your 1st assistant as an expense… it’s an investment!

To make ensure it’s an investment not an expense, you need to have your assistant focus on business building tasks so you can focus on revenue generating tasks.

Many business owners hire their 1st assistant as a Client Manager and their main responsibilities includes:

    • Processing new clients ensuring agreements are sent and signed.
    • Processing client billing to ensure all are successful and reaching out to failed/declined payments.
    • Scheduling client appointments so you don’t have to do back and forth to find the right time.
    • Managing the support email inbox and addressing general client questions.
    • Coordinating & booking your travel arrangements.
    • Data entry, including all of those business cards collecting dust in the corner.

These are some tasks you can have an assistant working on so you don’t have to.  As a result you will you feel your clients are being taken care of without you having to do it all!

Comments are welcome on my blog here…I would love to hear your thoughts on the blog on hiring your 1st assistant what task you would delegate to make it an full investment.

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