Why tomorrows leader can be found in the playground?

Do moms really see how incredible they are.
Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

You can!! But are you actually doing what you wanted to be?

From the title you are probably thinking by now that “yeah she’s talking about the children” and yes that carefully educated guess would be right, but I’m not only talking about the children, I’m also talking about the mom.

I’m talking about the mom in the playground, that has placed her child on that swing and is pushing him higher and higher because she knows her child was meant for greatness. She is the visionary that sees her child being anything that he chooses to be; she knows that her child can become one of the greatest leaders of his times or even the greatest innovator.
Anything from the next Richard Branson to Alexandra Wang to Steve jobs or even the next Obama, the choices are endless, but all she has to do is keep pushing him higher and higher whilst nurturing his dreams and inspiring his life, by who she becomes.

And who she becomes, is the CEO Mom, Create Empower Overcome. She is the mom that stands in the board room, sculpting change in the working culture, nurturing her team to embrace their skills and talents, empowering her assistant to own her career. She is the mom that provides opportunity for her colleagues to be their authentic selves, whilst encouraging them to invoke their passion into what they do. She motivates them to embody the strategy of working together, whilst utilising their gifts and talents to build a successful, purposeful working environment for the future leader, her child.

She is also the CEO Mom, that is working in the home, motivating her child to accept that she is unique and it is safe for her to be so. She is the coach that encourages her child to go that little bit further and to never give up on her hearts desires.
She is the inspiration that breathes and talks life into her child’s dream and vision. She is her biggest cheerleader, but is also the foundation that provides discipline. The kind of discipline that empowers her with the understanding to have appreciation and love for herself but also have it for others.

I write from a place in my heart this message that I want to share with all moms, in fact all women.

The CEO Mom is the mom that Creates Empowers and Overcomes. This is every mom across the globe, this is for you! Embrace your natural leadership, gifts and talents and utilise your skills to build a life that you can consistently celebrate and daily be excited about.

There is no greater beauty than a women who recognises that she can have it all!!!

Be an unapologetic mom, steal back your career, live you joy, parent without reservation and dance in your greatness, as the leader, that you are…..

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